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Content Migration Solution:
Content Migration


Automate manual content migration processes and accelerate time-to-market

Content Migration Video Migrating to a new content management system (CMS) or enterprise content management (ECM) system? Then you know that moving and reformatting legacy content can be major bottleneck.

Using Kapow Synthetic API technology, you can quickly and easily automate many aspects of the migration process without custom scripts or being constrained by existing APIs. Kapow helps accelerate the migration process and provides complete control as opposed to "black box" solution from other vendors. In addition to saving thousands of hours and minimizing content freeze time, Kapow provides a robust and adaptable solution that ensures a sustainable process for inventorying and maintaining content.

Inventory: Automate discovery of assets and schedule regular content inventories. Beyond basic content inventory, Kapow empowers further content management automation such as the ability to perform advanced "find and replace" using regular expressions and SQL queries to trim content as needed.

Upload: Schedule bulk upload of files during off-peak hours and apply metadata for search optimization on large batches of content. For example, automated workflows can be tasked to find any content that references a particular line of business or phrase and then add that specific piece of metadata.

Recovery: Once inventory is being completed on a regular basis, the content is easily accessible for historical reference and recovery. Automated backups can be scheduled so any content deleted accidentally by business users can be easily restored.

Stale Content: The inventory can be used to identify content that is past a certain age threshold so the business owner can be automatically notified to update it or archive it.

The Kapow platform provides an efficient and cost-effective solution for migrating electronic content from various content repositories onto the latest content management system.

Web Content
Management Systems:

Adobe CQ
Kapow streamlines the process of loading content into Adobe CQ by leveraging their standard web services APIs.
Autonomy Interwoven
Kapow enables automated migration of content into the Autonomy Interwoven TeamSite SitePublisher interface.
Kapow supports content migration into the CoreMedia web content management solution.
Kapow leverages the standard web services API provided by EpiServer CMS to enable you to customize your content migration
Kapow enables companies to streamline and automate the process of migrating their existing content to Hippo CMS.
IBM Web Content Manager
Kapow typically reduces the time and cost of web content migrations to IBM Web Content Manager by 80-90%, all while improving accuracy and eliminating business disruptions.
Microsoft SharePoint
Kapow acquires, enhances, and delivers content, maps source content to target templates, and loads it all directly into SharePoint.
OpenText Vignette
Kapow supports automated migration of content into the OpenText Vignette web content management system.
Oracle WebCenter
Kapow leverages the user interface of Oracle WebCenter system to automatically load content visually without the use of any specific API.
SDL Tridion
Kapow's certified connector to the SDL Tridion web content management system further speeds and eases the migration of new and legacy data.
Kapow leverages the Sitecore ASP .NET CMS framework to load content automatically from any legacy system.

Enterprise Content
Management Systems:

EMC Documentum
Kapow supports content migration into the EMC Documentum system through the use of an XML loader. Kapow automatically extracts and transforms the data into an appropriate format for the Documentum system to consume.
OpenText Content Server (OpenText LiveLink)
FileNet Content Manager
IBM Content Manager
Xerox Docushare
EMC Documentum eRoom
Hummingbird DM
Oracle Stellent