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Automation Solutions


Automate and Build Intelligence into Data-Driven Business Processes

The speed and agility at which information is processed and distributed across a company's systems and processes can be a distinct competitive advantage. The challenge businesses face is information is spread across many internal and external sources, including partner and supplier portals, public websites, and enterprise applications. Integration across these systems is often complex and the majority of companies are still managing much of their information using labor-intensive manual processes.

Kapow automates manual, repetitive, information-driven processes where data and electronic documents need to be accessed and acted on as part of critical business processes. By leveraging the revolutionary Kapow Synthetic API™ technologies, organizations can quickly and easily deploy and customize information integrations – regardless of whether existing APIs are available or the data is locked in applications. This includes Excel, websites, or web portals. Enterprises can also build intelligence into processes so that more automated decision making can occur – even with real-time, high volume and unstructured data. Information critical to the business is now acquired, enhanced and delivered across the enterprise ecosystem to be used in innovative ways to achieve competitive advantage:

Transportation & Logistics

Eliminate costly manual functions by integrating and automating access to data from shippers, carriers, logistics partners, freight bill payment processors, and other trading partners.

Supply Chain Automation

Eliminate the labor-intensive manual functions required to manage the complex and time-sensitive relationships between suppliers and partners.

Customer Service & Support

Break down the barriers of information silos by integrating data and automating activities that traditional global call center and support solutions cannot do without significant time and investment.

Compliance Monitoring & Reporting

Automatically acquire, enhance, and deliver data from any source, whether it is from websites, email, databases, applications, or spreadsheets.

Financial Account Aggregation

Monitor bank accounts, currency trading, credit card usage, tax reporting—in fact, any financial account that needs to be tracked and managed.

Accounts Receivable

Automate the labor intensive manual processing and integration of invoice data between core systems, email, and web portals.

Process Automation

Extract and integrate data from multiple sources using robots to apply both in-process and post-processing rules in real time, eliminating the manual processes of logging into multiple internal and external applications and websites, and cutting-and-pasting data.