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Information Integration and Automation Solutions


Accelerate the integration and automation of information across the organization

Organizations have volatility built into their business – changing market dynamics, new competitors entering the market, employee turnover, shifting macro-economic conditions, new strategic partners, and more. The information you need is constantly changing and distributed across a variety of internal and external sources. These information sources – including websites, partner and government portals, legacy applications, databases, cloud applications, email, and all types of documents including PDF and email.

With Kapow Software's information integration and automation platform, data can be integrated at new speeds, distributed into the hands of business users and leveraged in innovative ways to deliver value across departments and business processes:

Web Information Integration

Acquire and integrate hard to reach web data sources.


Automate repetitive, data-driven activities across partner portals, websites, and internal applications.

Content Migration

Automate content migration for consolidating, upgrading, and retiring websites and ECM systems.