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Kapow Mashup Server 6.5 Extends Capabilities to Provide More Powerful Business-Critical Web Services and Mashups


Kapow Technologies Bolsters System Management Integration; Adds More Data Coverage for Greater Business Context

Palo Alto, CA - Nov 10, 2008 – Kapow Technologies today announces Kapow Mashup Server version 6.5. This software release features new capabilities that make it easy for customers to leverage a RoboServer Management API to monitor RoboServer performance through standard systems-management tools such as IBM Tivoli┬« and HP Openview┬«. This new API also allows the creation of sophisticated scheduling systems to better load balance robot executions.

"As the complexity of service-oriented and mashup applications continues to increase, it's critical that vendor solutions integrate seamlessly with enterprise-class systems management environments," said Jason Bloomberg, Managing Partner at ZapThink. "Kapow Mashup Server, complete with comprehensive APIs and advanced standards support, ensures that companies can leverage their existing enterprise systems to create new breakthrough applications with data from inside the enterprise and on the Web."

Kapow Technologies Adds More Functionality to Create Robust Mashups and Custom Business Applications

In addition to improved enterprise manageability, Kapow Mashup Server 6.5 further extends its market leadership with custom data feeds for service enablement and composite applications.

Now, customers can continue to innovate with web services by creating any custom RSS feed imaginable, including ones using geography and rich media. "We are impressed with the speed and ease of creating data feeds and web services with the Kapow OnDemand product," said John Risch, CTO of Future Point Systems. "Kapow's robot development environment is the easiest to use and most capable web harvester IDE we've found. Compared to other tools we reviewed, Kapow Technologies' were by far the most powerful. Kapow OnDemand is a strategic business enabler for our company."

Kapow Technologies has also increased support for complex AJAX libraries such as Prototype and JQuery. These added capabilities are in response to the growing number of dynamic JavaScript and AJAX-powered web sites, which are virtually impossible to extract data from without proper tools.

"No other mashup server solution on the market today provides as many possibilities for data feeds, web services and composite applications as Kapow Mashup Server," said Stefan Andreasen, Founder and CTO of Kapow Technologies.
"We are enabling our customers to harness this new class of complex, unstructured data by working ahead of the curve to support advanced standards such as RSS, REST, ATOM, JSON, WADL and WSDL."

All editions of Kapow Mashup Server version 6.5 are available now. Click here for more information, and a full list of new features and improvements. Product pricing is based on a flexible subscription offering.

About Kapow Technologies
Kapow Technologies helps companies instantly create web services or data interfaces where they don't currently exist, and is the only provider of mashup infrastructure that aggregates, transforms and syndicates unstructured data on the Web. Available in both on-premise and on-demand packages, Kapow Mashup Server can access practically any web content, including sites with complex JavaScript and AJAX, in addition to Flash and Silverlight applications. By supporting all web-services standards, Kapow Mashup Server integrates seamlessly with the growing list of mashup building tools, such as IBM Mashup Center, and can also leverage more traditional information technology infrastructure by integrating with dozens of portals, business intelligence systems, databases and even desktop analytics including Microsoft Excel. Kapow has hundreds of customers across the U.S., Asia and Europe, such as Audi, Intel, and Vodafone, Simply Hired and Pageonce. In addition, Kapow has strategic partnerships with major software firms including IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, and SAP.


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