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IT Award to Technical Pioneer


Hoersholm, Denmark - Mar 11, 2005 – CEO and Founder of Kapow Technologies A/S, Copenhagen, Denmark, Stefan Andreasen, is the recipient of this year's IDA-IT Award, the "BIT". The Award includes the "BIT" Statue as well as a cash award of D.Kr. 25,000.

According to Erik Lorenz Petersen, Chairman of the IDA-IT Foundation, the motivation to grant this award is that of a true "technical pioneer":

"Stefan Andreasen has built a company with an innovative technology and product that is sold world wide. It is safe to say that Stefan Andreasen and Kapow Technologies A/S fully live up to the foundation requirement to further groundbreaking thinking and innovation within the Information Technology Sector", says Erik Lorenz Petersen at the award ceremony.

Stefan Andreasen has a Masters of Computer Sciences from the Danish Technical University from 1982. In 1998 he established Kapow Technologies, which today has 35 employees across the world of which upwards to 50% is involved in R&D related functions. Kapow Technologies build and market web integration software for integrating applications and information.

The IDA-IT Foundation was established by the "Ingenioer Foreningen's Selskab for Informationsteknology" (Masters of Sciences Organizations Information Technology Organization). It is the 6th time, this award is granted with the objective to further the use of Information Technology that has profound technological impact on our society.

For further information:
Chairman of the IDA-IT Foundation
Erik Lorenz Petersen
+45 20 96 66 00

Prize winner of the year
Stefan Andreasen
+45 70 33 10 00


Media Contacts
Kapow Technologies
Kurt Foeller
+1 415-578-3251