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Kapow Technologies and Plumtree Software Partner To Deliver Rich Portal Applications


The New Partnership Leverages Web Integration For Accelerated Portlet Creation and Publishing In The Portal Framework

Campbell, CALIF. - May 18, 2005 – Today at the EMEA Plumtree Odyssey Conference in Wokingham, U.K, Kapow Technologies announced a technology partnership with Plumtree Software (Nasdaq: PLUM) that will help enable customers to expedite the population of the Plumtree Enterprise Web Suite through a code free "point-and-clip" portlet creation solution and automated migration of legacy content.

Kapow Technologies and Plumtree will collaborate to use the Kapow RoboSuite Web Integration platform to simplify portlet creation and publishing of legacy applications into the Plumtree Corporate Portal. It will also migrate, integrate and synchronize legacy content with the Plumtree Content Server.

"Portal frameworks have evolved from a 'single point' application access portal to a platform for deploying advanced applications. This new generation of portals combine content and collaboration with application functionality," said Tony Sanders, vice president of worldwide channel operations at Plumtree Software. "As a result, the partnership with Kapow Technologies is intended to provide Plumtree Software the ability to access and reuse legacy applications and content, and integrate them into portal environment, resulting in accelerated deployment and faster return on investment for our customers."

Kapow RoboSuite is a Web integration platform that uniquely uses the Web front-end interface as the integration point. This means integration of any application or information that is accessible from a standard Web browser. The RoboSuite platform uses visual modelling to define "integration robots" that are automatically executed in a server environment for clipping Web applications and turning them into portlets; easily integrating application logic and data for composite portal applications; migration, integration and synchronization of content into the portal content server; and Web services enablement of legacy applications for easy access to application logic.

"The trend towards integrated portal and content management solutions is driving the demand for new Web integration platforms. Kapow customers are experiencing dramatic savings in cost and time for the development of portals containing both applications and content," said Stefan Andreasen at Kapow Technologies. "With the new partnership, we are exited to have the ability to help deliver such an increase in productivity and efficiency to Plumtree customers. "

Deployed at major clients within the financial, transportation and public sectors, RoboSuite is a complete Web integration platform delivering clients faster time to value through automating application and information integration through the widely available Web user interface.

About Kapow Technologies
Kapow Technologies is a leader in Web Integration. Web Integration is a new paradigm that uses the broadly available web user front-end as the integration point. The Kapow RoboSuite platform uniquely enables flexible and fast integration of content, data and applications into browser applications such as portals, content management systems, knowledge management systems, applications and databases. RoboSuite can access web resources and automate web interactions to extract and re-use online content, data or business functionality, regardless of origin or underlying technology. The platform includes an intuitive visual design environment, as well as comprehensive web integration lifecycle tools, that simplify integration and speed project delivery so that users can achieve faster and better results than with traditional integration approaches.

Kapow Technologies has close to 100 public and private customers worldwide like USACE, US Government, Deutsche Post, Lycos Europe, Barclays Bank, Total, DZ Bank, Swedish Defense and Danish Broadcasting Corporation. Kapow Technologies has many partnerships including, Plumtree Software, WRQ, CoreMedia, Inxight Software, BEA, IBM, Mobile Aware, Autonomy, Fatwire, Unilog, Synkron, Valtech, Softlogic, SoftPro, Domino Systems, Uptime, and Avinci. For more information on the company: www.kapowtech.com.

About Plumtree Software
Plumtree Software is a technology leader, providing enterprise solutions to bridge disparate work groups, IT systems and business processes with its cross-platform portal. Plumtree Software continues to innovate, offering rich service-oriented environments to deliver composite applications that give customers the freedom and flexibility to support advanced user needs and business processes. Plumtree Software's solutions provide significant business value to more than 725 customers, including Airbus, Mazda, Pratt & Whitney and U.S. Navy. For more information, visit www.plumtree.com.

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