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BEA Japan to Market Kapow RoboSuite, BEA WebLogic Edition


Web Applications and Content to be Integrated into an Enterprise Portal

Hoersholm, Denmark - Apr 8, 2005 – BEA Systems Japan, Ltd. (Head office: Tokyo; Vice President & General Manager Hiroshi Alley) announced today that it will start marketing and distributing Kapow RoboSuite as an add-on product of BEA WebLogic Portalâ„¢ under the name of Kapow RoboSuite, BEA WebLogic Edition, in Japan on April 11. The Kapow RoboSuite Web integration solution, developed by Kapow Technologies A/S (Head office: Denmark; CEO Stefan Andreasen), runs on BEA WebLogic enterprise application servers and portals.

As extension of the global BEA alliance with Kapow Technologies (www.kapowtech.com), BEA Japan will release Kapow RoboSuite, BEA WebLogic Edition, combining Kapow RoboSuite, a powerful solution for web application integration, with BEA WebLogic Portal, the industry-leading portal platform that enables efficient portal development. Characteristically, Kapow RoboSuite, BEA WebLogic Edition helps to streamline the traditional process required to develop portal applications by about 80%, reduce the development time substantially, and achieve ROI faster. Using this new solution, integration into a single enterprise portal system can increase business value and improve customer experience at lower cost in a shorter period of time.

Two Products of Kapow RoboSuite Solution

(1) Kapow RoboSuite, BEA WebLogic Edition, Web Clipping Version
Provides Web Clipper, powerful content-clipping capabilities, plus the functions for creating portlets for BEA WebLogic Portal.

(2) Kapow RoboSuite, BEA WebLogic Edition, Full Version
Provides the following functions:
  • Web Collector, integrated with databases and CMS systems, which collects content and data automatically from various web sources, making data normalization.
  • Web Integrator that provides APIs or Web Service interfaces to web-based sources, integrating to business logic and data on any web-based application intra- or Internet.

Features of Kapow RoboSuite Solution

  • Support for all web protocols, such as HTML 4, JavaScript, ASP, HTMP, HTTPS
  • Utilization in a personalized portal of dynamic web content hard to reuse
  • Multi-language support
  • Visual and process data modeling environment
  • Data normalization
  • Interactive testing environment
  • Scheduled or real-time execution
  • Support of major platforms (hardware, operating systems and databases)
  • Clustering and data caching
  • Web Services support

Key Benefits of Kapow RoboSuite

  • Low cost because of no necessity of renewing existing applications and IT setup
  • Considerable time-to-market advantages
  • Low skill requirements with almost no other departments involved
Standards-based Kapow RoboSuite, already a proven platform by enterprise customers across the world, provides the best solution to meet BEA's Japanese customer needs, while complementing BEA's product offering. Now that BEA Japan focuses on the portal business, too, the offering of Kapow RoboSuite with the BEA WebLogic product portfolio is considered timely.

Kapow RoboSuite, BEA WebLogic Edition, is available for download from http://commerce.bea.com/products/weblogicportal/portlets.jsp

For further information, please contact
Kapow Technologies A/S
Stefan Andreassen,