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Kapow Technologies Helps Drive BEA Service Infrastructure Initiative


The Kapow RoboSuite Web Integration Platform Combined with BEA's Service Infrastructure Designed to Help Speed Customers' Service Oriented Architectures (SOA) move from Pilot to Production

Campbell, CA - Jun 9, 2005 – Kapow Technologies today announced its support for a new Service Infrastructure initiative introduced by BEA Systems, Inc. (Nasdaq: BEAS) designed to help increase business agility while reducing IT cost and complexity. The Kapow RoboSuite is a Web Integration platform that is uniquely designed to use the Web front-end as the interface point for non-programmatic rapid Web Service enablement of legacy web applications to be deployed in the BEA Service Infrastructure.

BEA's Service Infrastructure initiative includes a family of products being developed to help companies manage the service oriented architecture (SOA) lifecycle and swiftly assemble composite applications and processes in heterogeneous environment so they can move from pilot stage with SOA to full enterprise-wide production. The visual Kapow RoboSuite platform can add value to a Service Infrastructure by being designed to create web services of legacy applications and packaged systems without rewriting required. This give access to systems that are either not within scope or too complex to convert to Web Services within the traditional boundaries. The end result to clients is more application logic available as consumable Web Services as well as quick access to very complex applications as Web Services. Complex applications often pose significant risk, that can be signficantly reduced with the combined BEA Service Infrastructure and Web Integration from Kapow Technologies.

SOA is a software design approach that is designed to take the discrete business functions contained in enterprise applications and organize them into inter-operable, standards-based services. These services can be combined and reused in composite applications and processes to meet business needs. Service infrastructure is a new category of enterprise software designed to help enable the successful deployment of SOA in business environments by allowing services to be discovered, secured, managed and assembled into composite applications and processes — regardless of the underlying technology.

"Our alliance with Kapow Technologies is part of BEA's initiative designed to continually help customers manage SOA based environments and improve business agility and efficiency," said Gail Ennis, vice president of Worldwide Alliances. "The use of Web Integration to convert legacy applications into Web Services is a core component in our Service Infrastructure and in moving projects from pilot to production."

Over the last two years, BEA and Kapow Technologies have collaborated in delivering portlets and content into the WebLogic portal framework. "We are very enthusiastic about BEA's strategy to move clients faster to a production environment. Our fast visual platform is thus a natural component in the Service Infrastructure strategy that BEA lays out" says Stefan Andreasen, CEO and Founder, Kapow Technologies. "The fact we fit into both the BEA portal, content and now Web Services offerings substantiate the broad value, Web Integration deliver to BEA clients", Stefan Andreasen continues.

Building on Success — Kapow Technologies and BEA
Kapow Technologies and BEA have worked together since 2002 to provide customers with a seamless integration of infrastructure software solutions designed to help customers to run their businesses more efficiently. The joined solution have significant market acceptance and deployed at major clients world wide.

To see how Kapow RoboSuite deliver a Web Service in a BEA environment, go to live demonstration at http://kdc.kapowtech.com/presentations/IntegrationBEA_viewlet_swf.html.


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