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AttachmateWRQ and Kapow Technologies boost value of e-business initiatives through web and legacy application integration


Global Partnership Provides Dual Web and Legacy Integration Capabilities; Increasing Productivity While Maximizing Existing IT Investments

SEATTLE, Wash. and CAMPBELL, Calif. - Jul 19, 2005 – AttachmateWRQ and Kapow Technologies today announced a worldwide partnership enabling businesses to speed and increase the value of their e-business initiatives through the integration of web and legacy applications. Under the agreement, AttachmateWRQ will offer Kapow RoboSuite web integration software with Verastream host integration software to customers worldwide. The collaboration between AttachmateWRQ and Kapow Technologies produces a timely solution that supports multiple critical business requirements including e-business enablement, and the ability to maximize existing IT investments, reduce costs and increase productivity.

The AttachmateWRQ/Kapow Technologies agreement builds on an already productive relationship between the companies developed over the past year that includes several successful customer implementations of Kapow RoboSuite and Verastream in the United States and Europe .

A major challenge for IT executives is that much of the data they need to use in portals and web applications is stored in host systems, legacy applications and web-based information. Application developers face the same difficulties unlocking information on host systems as they do with accessing company web content and legacy web applications. AttachmateWRQ and Kapow Technologies offer powerful and proven software to address these challenges by enabling developers to leverage host and web integration capabilities in tandem or independently. This software permits them to fulfill additional business needs, such as consolidating IT infrastructure into a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA).

AttachmateWRQ and Kapow Technologies provide customers with a best-of-breed technology for host and web integration that is non-intrusive and fast. The products also deliver partners and customers a high degree of flexibility. By saving IT time and effort, the AttachmateWRQ and Kapow offering makes it possible for IT departments or their service providers to integrate any host- or browser-accessible application or information. The combined solution delivers faster ROI and considerable time-to-market advantages by building new web applications; speeding web and legacy application integration projects; or driving content migration, portal plans and SOA initiatives.

"To achieve significant financial savings and improved customer service for a global financial services customer, as part of a business process automation project utilizing our Tranzax process automation platform, we needed to integrate several host and web-based systems," said Dave Murphy senior project manager at Clear Technology, the creator of Tranzax®, a unique platform that captures the work of an individual and performs it in software. "Thanks to the excellent development and deployment and support capabilities of the host and web integration software from Kapow and AttachmateWRQ, we were able to do this more quickly and efficiently than anyone believed possible."

"We surveyed the market for available host and web integration technologies," said John Lunny, COO at Vestmark, Inc., a financial services application vendor which was able to take advantage of both technologies. "The combined capabilities of Verastream and RoboSuite are by far the best on the market."

"Our strategy requires our Web Integration platform to be open to all systems," said Stefan Andreasen , founder and CEO at Kapow Technologies. "AttachmateWRQ's integration with the Kapow Robosuite helps companies accelerate the process of incorporating valuable information from legacy systems. Today, more and more legacy applications are not only green screen based, but also web based, and this is where RoboSuite complements AttachmateWRQ's offerings to give their customers a full legacy integration solution including rapid enabling for SOA."

Verastream customers leveraging Kapow RoboSuite are able to continue integration development without disrupting employees using legacy or online systems. The combined offerings permit companies to advance their e-business initiatives and leverage their existing technology and IT resources.

"When a connection to legacy data exists, enterprise web applications and portals deliver immense business value to organizations," said Shaun Wolfe, senior vice president of products and marketing for AttachmateWRQ. "Through our alliance with Kapow, our customers are able to build rich composite applications that capture the data and investments made in web and legacy systems."

About Verastream and RoboSuite
Verastream's robust capabilities provide customers with software to create service-oriented applications that draw from a volume and variety of traditional systems, application servers, repositories and legacy data. RoboSuite, the only full-featured Web Integration platform on the market, is designed to simplify integration of application logic, data and information through non-intrusive integration via the web interface. Together, the offerings enable customers to create, customize and publish portlets, allowing many levels of access to web and host applications, workflow, logic and data. Such hosts include IBM Mainframe, IBM iSeries/AS400, UNIX, OpenVMS and HPe3000.

About AttachmateWRQ
On June 1, 2005 , an investment group led by Golden Gate Capital, Francisco Partners and Thoma Cressey Equity Partners completed the acquisition of Attachmate Corp., of Bellevue , Wash. Over the next few months, Attachmate will merge with WRQ, Inc. of Seattle , which the same investor group acquired WRQ in December 2004. The combined company, AttachmateWRQ, becomes the largest independent provider of software to access and integrate legacy systems. AttachmateWRQ enables organizations to maximize the value of their existing IT investments as they advance their long-term business and IT strategies. More than 40,000 customers representing over 16 million desktops worldwide take advantage of AttachmateWRQ's quality solutions and deep expertise to help them run their businesses securely, efficiently and competitively. For more information, please visit www.attachmate.com and www.wrq.com

About Kapow Technologies
Kapow Technologies is a leader in Web Integration — a new integration paradigm using the broadly available web front-end. The Kapow RoboSuite platform uniquely enables flexible and fast integration of content, data and applications available through a browser into portals, content management systems, applications, databases or as web services. The platform includes an intuitive visual design environment that simplifies integration and speed project delivery providing users faster and better results than with traditional integration approaches. Kapow Technologies has close to 100 public and private customers worldwide including USACE, Deutsche Post, Lycos Europe, Barclays Bank, DZ Bank, Swedish defense and Danish Broadcasting Corp. and partnerships with major industry players like BEA, IBM , Plumtree, AttachmateWRQ, Autonomy and others. For more information: www.kapowtech.com

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