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Kapow RoboSuite 6.0 first to deliver enterprise level web clipping for portal enablement


Kapow Technologies today announced RoboSuite 6.0, the latest version of the leading Web Integration platform. The new release sets a new standard for ease of enterprise level portlet creation and content population in portals.

Campbell, CA - Sep 27, 2005 – At BEAWorld 2005, Santa Clara, Kapow Technologies today announced the latest release 6.0 of its RoboSuite Web Integration platform. The new release uniquely offers enterprise-level web application clipping, and web content integration into portals and content management systems, as well as easy SOA enabling of any web based application.

Included in this new release is the necessary functionality required to successfully deliver an application and content rich enterprise portal:

  • Enterprise class visual clipping platform — the ability to visually define and generate portlets in as little as a few minutes. 
    • Component Clipping — the ability to clip different independent and interconnected sections of any given web application and automatically generate a portlet in a matter of minutes
    • Full Site Clipping — the ability to continuously clip full sites including support for frames, pop-up screens and JavaScript and quickly define HTML elements that should appear in or disappear from the clip
    • Navigational Clipping — the ability to provide seamless clips across multiple sources, including different sub-pages or even at completely different websites, into one portlet
  • Enable any web-based content to be migrated and synchronized into a portal framework, delivering content rich portal projects in as little as 1/10th the time of known alternatives.
RoboSuite 6.0 is also the Web Integration platform for consuming and producing web services, which provides companies with the ability to either serve a portal with web services of known applications or consume web services from web based 3rd party vendors. RoboSuite is deployed at more than 100 clients worldwide.

Long-time portal partner, BEA Systems plans to take advantage of the new capabilities in both the WebLogic Edition of RoboSuite as well as offering portlet clipping functionality with BEA WebLogic Portal. "We welcome the new enterprise level capabilities in the new RoboSuite 6.0 platform, especially the flexibility for both partial and full page clipping which many of our enterprise clients require," says Kent Dickson , Vice President Engineering, BEA WebLogic Portal.

The maturity of RoboSuite 6.0 makes it a well proven Web Integration platform and its rich enterprise capabilities represents the extensive development effort behind the product. "With RoboSuite 6.0 and its new revolutionary web clipping capabilities we are proud to announce the industry's only full featured, enterprise ready Web Integration platform," says Stefan Andreasen , CEO and founder, Kapow Technologies.

RoboSuite 6.0, currently in tests with leading clients world wide, culminates a five year development effort working with key partners and clients. It is generally available later this year.


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