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Vertical*i and Kapow Technologies announce agreement to offer rich web-based Customer Applications


New York, NY - Sep 20, 2005 – Under the agreement, Vertical*i will bundle Kapow Technologies's RoboSuite to integrate web-based data and applications as part of its powerful business application framework.

Vertical*i Inc. and Kapow Technologies announce an agreement that will provide rich client web based applications with easy migration, synchronization and integration of web applications and data. With this agreement in place, clients can now accelerate the migration and synchronization of corporate data quickly and simply into the Vertical*i solutions using the Kapow RoboSuite Web Integration platform.

Vertical*i's solutions provide rich client web based features and functionalities that can be customized to suit the companies business processes. Some of their applications include the Lead Evaluation Application (LEA™) or commonly known as Pipeline Management, Partnership and Alliance Management (PAM™) and Portfolio Valuation and Optimization (PVO™). The Kapow RoboSuite Web Integration platform rapidly deliver application functionality, content and data into Vertical*i's application platform through the web front-end as opposed to traditional backend integration methods.

"Many of the issues associated with companies adopting new technology is the integration or migration of corporate data. In other words, such large legacy systems (Siebel, SAP, Lotus Notes) hold critical and confidential data and even the thought of moving or synchronizing this data into much more efficient web based applications is frightening, to say the least," says Tim O'Connor, Chief Executive Officer. Incorporating the RoboSuite Web Integration platform will also enable organizations to automate integration to web content in the Vertical*i applications providing automatic data feeds from external databases, websites and other corporate data feeds.

"Our partnership with Kapow Technologies will enable small, medium and large enterprises to have the ability to utilize Vertical*i's rich web based client applications while either replacing or integrating data from their legacy systems. The RoboSuite Web Integration technology opens up an opportunity for companies to create richer web-based applications at much lower cost and time," say's Tim O'Connor. It also enables Vertical*i to concentrate on their core competency — creating leading technology and applications.

The RoboSuite Web integration platform uses visual modeling to define integration processes that are automatically executed in a server environment for clipping Web applications and turning them into portlets; easily integrating application logic and data for composite portal applications; migration, integration and synchronization of content into the portal content server; and Web services enablement of web applications for easy access to application logic. Kapow Technologies has more than 100 enterprise clients world wide and was named a cool vendor by Gartner in 2005.

Vertical*i solutions are based on a robust and scalable relational model and provide integrated contact, project, document and workflow management systems, which are easily configurable to match each organization's unique collaborative business process and knowledge management needs. For example, the LEA™ offering enables business development professionals to help improve licensing and acquisition decision-making and alliance management. The PAM™ solution complements the LEA™ offering and helps large organizations to achieve their objective of becoming "the partner of choice". The Portfolio Valuation and Optimization solution (PVO™) enables business development professionals to quickly evaluate and optimize their R&D portfolio.

About Vertical*i - www.verticali.com
Vertical*i Inc. is a privately owned software company with operations in the USA, Europe (UK, France & Switzerland) and Australia. Vertical*i's focus is on Intellectual Capital Management (ICM) and is fast becoming the leader in Product Lifecycle/Information Management (PLM/PIM) and Project/Portfolio Management (PPM) for the pharmaceutical and biotech industries.

The Company's product suite comprises a comprehensive range of customizable web-based applications that address key business issues, providing features and functionalities that enable businesses to create, communicate, collaborate and control with greater internal visibility. Vertical*i's products also improve the utilization, sharing, and analysis of data within an organization and across its disconnected operations. Vertical*i provides solutions that capture human capital (expertise and know-how) and makes it available as structural capital (business process).

Vertical*i's products include:
Project Pipeline Management & Lead Evaluation (LEA™)
Partnership & Alliance Management (PAM™)
Portfolio Valuation (PVO™)
Contract Management (CMS™)

Vertical*i has created the Vertical*i Application Platform (VAP™), a powerful J2EE compliant framework that allows Vertical*i, its distributors and resellers to simply, efficiently and cost effectively create customized versions of Vertical*i's core products. The VAP™ allows the rapid creation of robust, functionally rich enterprise-ready applications through modeling instead of coding. Applications can be customized to the client's needs and specifications quickly and can integrate with legacy applications like Siebel, SAP and Documentum. The VAP™ is built on industry standards, works on all major platforms and provides offline and mobile capabilities.

Vertical*i's clients include leading pharmaceutical companies, Biotechs and Fortune 500 companies. Our technology partners include Avnet, IBM, Sun, Puma Technology and Kapow Technologies.


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