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Seagull Software Signs Partner Agreement with Kapow Technologies to Deliver Web Integration Solutions


- Nov 2, 2005 – Seagull Software (AEX: SEAGULL), a leading provider of software products for transforming legacy applications into service-oriented architecture (SOA) assets, and Kapow Technologies, a leader in Web integration, today announced that the companies have entered into a partnering agreement under which Seagull Software will market and sell the Kapow Web Integration platform in conjunction with its LegaSuite® platform. LegaSuite is a software platform designed to rapidly transform critical legacy applications into reusable, SOA services.

With the addition of the Kapow Web Integration Platform, Seagull Software now offers the option of integrating with any application or information accessible through a Web browser, thus expanding the company's offerings to meet all of an enterprise's SOA integration needs. In today's typically heterogeneous technology environment, Seagull Software can support an enterprise's SOA-enablement project across the spectrum from mainframe to UNIX/VT, iSeries, Windows and now Web-based applications.

"We are excited to support our customers' desires to purchase all of their integration needs from a single vendor," said Don Addington, Seagull Software CEO and President. "Through our partnership with Kapow Technologies we can now support the SOA-enablement of any application—from mainframe to Web-based applications. Our customers have already implemented mainframe services to support specific projects, and now they are embarking on reuse and composite application development scenarios — Seagull Software wants to be the 'go-to' vendor for SOA-enablement across all of the systems that our customers want to access and integrate."

The Kapow Web Integration platform uniquely access any application or information through the Web front-end and integrate it into web systems like portals, SOA fremworks, content management systems or databases. By using the most widely available interface today, the web front end, the Kapow Web Integration platform integrates to data and logic faster, easier, and at a lower cost, which is ideal for scenarios where Web integration is the only possibility. Combined with LegaSuite's mainframe, UNIX/VT, iSeries and Windows integration capabilities, this allows for a cost-effective, non-intrusive method that speeds time-to-market while continuing to leverage the performance and business logic of legacy applications.

"This agreement enables Seagull Software customers to complement mainframe, midrange and Windows integration with the ability to incorporate Web-based business processes, which seems to be particularly relevant for portals and SOA frameworks. It also takes us a step closer to making the Kapow Web Integration platform a defacto standard for integrating anything that can be reached from a browser" said Nicolai Christian Herting, Director Business Development, Kapow Technologies.

About Seagull Software
Seagull Software specializes in transforming legacy business applications into Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) assets, helping organizations accelerate the delivery of IT support for changing business needs. Seagull Software's LegaSuite® integrated software platform connects IBM mainframe, Fujitsu/ICL mainframe, iSeries, UNIX/VT and Windows applications and databases to the Web and to other, newer-generations of applications and SOA's including XML, J2EE, .NET, HTML and Web Services. LegaSuite BPM orchestrates human and machine business processes to automate workflows and implement governance processes for regulatory compliance. For more information, visit www.seagullsoftware.com.

Committed to providing the best customer experience, Seagull Software's technology is in use in more than 8,000 Global 2000, mid-market and public sector organizations worldwide, and by well over 2 million end users. Seagull Software has direct operations in the United States, the Netherlands, England, France, Germany and Australia, supplemented by distributors serving approximately 30 additional countries.

About Kapow Technologies
Kapow Technologies is a leader in Web Integration — a new integration paradigm using the broadly available web front-end. The Kapow platform uniquely enables flexible and fast integration of web based content, data and applications into portals, content management systems, applications, databases or web services. The platform includes an intuitive visual design environment that simplifies integration and speeds project delivery providing users with faster and better results than with traditional integration approaches. Kapow Technologies has more than 85 public and private customers worldwide including US Army, AT&T, Wells Fargo Bank, Deutsche Post, Lycos Europe, Barclays Bank, DZ Bank, Swedish Defense and Danish Broadcasting Corp. The company has partnerships with major industry players such as BEA, IBM, Plumtree, AttachmateWRQ, Autonomy, ClearForest and others. For more information: www.kapowtech.com


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