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ClearForest and Kapow Technologies Partner to Integrate Web Content into Unified Business Intelligence Systems


Waltham, Mass. and Campbell, CA - Oct 24, 2005 – ClearForest Corporation, a provider of text-driven business intelligence solutions and Kapow Technologies, the leader in Web Integration, today announced a strategic partnership designed to broaden customers' ability to access Web content for business intelligence applications. Under terms of the partnership, ClearForest and Kapow Technologies will jointly market solutions that leverage the Kapow Web Integration Platform to enable Clearforest's text analytics platform to extract and analyze information from any Web source.

Kapow's Web Integration Platform uses a visual browser interface to automatically collect Web-based information, including Web pages, blog posts, text, documents, files, Web Services or other data. The Kapow Platform can also automate the cleansing of this data to isolate only relevant content by removing navigational elements, advertisements, and other irrelevant information. This can then be fed through the ClearForest text extraction engine to identify entities, facts, and events contained in the content. The combination of ClearForest and Kapow Technologies provides customers with the ability to quickly and easily collect unstructured information from external Web content and combine that with data from within the enterprise to supercharge business intelligence applications.

"It is critical for our clients, especially in publishing, to have easy and reliable access to all types of text and content. The partnership with Kapow Technologies removes barriers seen with home grown crawling technology," says Barak Pridor, CEO, ClearForest. "We have now expanded the reach of our industry leading platform enabling our clients to easily integrate any internal or external information, structuring text and unifying it with enterprise data, to discover opportunity and support intelligent decision making."

"We are excited to have been selected by ClearForest as the new generation of content collection and look forward to work in this partnership to deliver content for ClearForest clients with a speed and efficiency unheard of before," says Stefan Andreasen, founder and CTO, Kapow Technologies.

"The partnership between ClearForest and Kapow Technologies enables publishers and information services to leverage broader bases of content to build better products and services," says Mary Laplante, senior editor of The Gilbane Report. "The combination of their technologies provides a powerful set of capabilities for collecting, integrating, and analyzing content that drives decision-making processes."

About ClearForest
ClearForest Corporation is a provider of text-driven business intelligence solutions, supplying the analytical bridge between two previously disconnected worlds of information, unstructured text and enterprise data. In allowing both to be analyzed simultaneously, ClearForest makes unified business intelligence a reality. Our award-winning solutions enable customers such as Eastman Chemical, Reuters, Elsevier Science and International Finance Corporation to turn large volumes of contextually-based information into proactive business intelligence.

Corporate headquarters are in Waltham, MA. For more information, please visit www.clearforest.com. ©2005 ClearForest Corp.

About Kapow Technologies
Kapow Technologies is a leader in Web Integration &sndash; a new integration paradigm using the broadly available web front-end. The Kapow RoboSuite platform uniquely enables flexible and fast integration of web based content, data and applications into portals, content management systems, applications, databases or web services. The platform includes an intuitive visual design environment that simplifies integration and speeds project delivery providing users faster and better results than with traditional integration approaches. Kapow Technologies has over 100 public and private customers worldwide including US Army, AT&T, Wells Fargo Bank, Deutsche Post, Lycos Europe, Barclays Bank, DZ Bank, Swedish defense and Danish Broadcasting Corp. and partnerships with major industry players like BEA, IBM, Plumtree, AttachmateWRQ, Autonomy, ClearForest and others. For more information: www.kapowtech.com


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