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3/1/06 – Knight Ridder/Tribune Information Services improves web information collection by 250% with Kapow Web Integration Platform


Joint-news venture demonstrates the potential of Web 2.0 content services; leverages Web Integration technologies to speed collection and distribution of news from more than 250 newspapers, while ensuring compliance to copyright agreements

Campbell, CA - Mar 1, 2006 – Kapow Technologies today announced that Knight Ridder/Tribune Information Services, a joint venture between two of the largest publishing firms in the U.S., has implemented the Kapow Web Integration Platform to streamline its enterprise data collection. Already, the solution has delivered a 250 percent improvement in the collection speed and distribution of web-based news content that is now automatically in compliance with agreements between the copyright holder and more than 250 newspapers th at license their content to the KRT Business & Regional News service offered by Knight Ridder/Tribune Information Services.

Up until now, traditional methods for collecting and distributing Internet-based news have required a great deal of human interaction, resulting in high costs and less-than-desirable delivery speeds. Knight Ridder/Tribune Information Services has also been challenged with maintaining unique contract compliance details among its news content providers, and gathering their content from various proprietary and web-based systems.

To solve the need to identify the latest news, check for the editorial source, and collect only the content that adheres to established rules, Knight Ridder/Tribune Information Services implemented the Web Information Integration package of the Kapow Web Integration Platform. The Kapow Technologies solution intelligently automates access to any web resource -- even behind authentication pages -- navigates through each series of web pages, and collects only the desired content. Once collected, the Kapow platform performs advanced transformation and cleansing tasks before inserting the content into the target system. All of this is done without the need to generate program code.

"We were not only impressed that the Kapow Web Integration Platform more than doubled our collection speeds, but also that it ensured we collected only the content we're licensed to use," said Fred Povey, director of news services for Knight Ridder/Tribune Information Services. "Over the next 12 months, we also expect the Kapow solution will enable us to double our content volume yet again, and will allow us to create new information products as well."

"Knight Ridder/Tribune Information Services is among the pioneers of Web 2.0 news content services providers on the Internet, and the methods that the joint venture has established are likely to become the de facto industry standard," said Glenn Hasen, CEO, Kapow Technologies. "We are pleased that the Kapow Web Integration Platform enabled them to improve time-to-market and content accuracy. These improvements give our client a significant competitive advantage."

The type of integration that Knight Ridder/Tribune Information Services uses is quickly becoming known as 'Web 2.0 Integration,' a new approach that takes advantage of the Internet as a platform to integrate disparate web resources (via the front-end GUI versus back end APIs) into next-generation services.

For more information about Knight Ridder/Tribune Information Services visit www.krtinfo.com.


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