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Kapow Adapter receives "Powered by SAP NetWeaver®" certification


Certified Kapow Adapter enables customers to integrate any web application into SAP NetWeaver XI without any programming required

Palo Alto, CA - Mar 13, 2006 – Kapow Technologies, the world's leading Web Integration platform provider, today announced the release of its Kapow Adapter 1.2 for the SAP NetWeaver® platform, which has achieved "Powered by SAP NetWeaver" certification.

The adapter enables customers to access any web-based application, as if it was a service, for seamless integration with the SAP NetWeaver Exchange Infrastructure (SAP NetWeaver XI). Via the adapter, the Kapow Web Integration platform connects business procesess within SAP NetWeaver-based solutions with web page interactions. These interactions are automatically executed by Web Integration robots that transmit the results of the interactions back to SAP NetWeaver.

Named one of four "Cool Vendors" in the integration market by Gartner Group, Kapow Technologies now has more than 120 enterprise implementations worldwide, many of which run with SAP® solutions. The certification by SAP AG of the Kapow Adapter demonstrates the ability of the Kapow Web Integration Platform to extend traditional EAI tools to incorporate advanced interactions with any web system, including the latest based on Web 2.0 technologies.

"Achieving Powered by SAP NetWeaver certification of the Kapow Adapter is crucial for our customers, as it helps ensure the seamless interaction between our platform and the SAP NetWeaver platform in an endorsed architecture," said Glenn Hasen, CEO Kapow Technologies. "Because of our underlying architecture, we can create meaningful interactions between SAP NetWeaver and any web resource in a matter of a few days, which is a testament to the speed with which users can build solutions in our visual Web Integration framework."

Integration to applications that do not have a traditional API is one of the biggest hurdles for IT today. The Kapow Adapter opens up SAP NetWeaver to any web-accessible resource, helping customers to achieve an accelerated deployment of function-rich SAP NetWeaver-based solutions.

To help convey the significance of the new Kapow Adapter, imagine that an enterprise needs to build an order-entry application that touches many different systems, including a hosted web application for a credit check. The Kapow Web Integration Platform can automatically log in and enter data regarding the credit check on the web site and submit the results back to the SAP NetWeaver XI, which, in turn, submits it to the relevant processes within SAP NetWeaver. All of this is done with no programming

The Kapow Adapter for SAP NetWeaver is available immediately.

About Kapow Technologies
Kapow Technologies is the leader in Web Integration. Web Integration is a new paradigm that uses the broadly available web user front-end to integrate any application or information that is browser accessible. The Kapow Web Integration Platform uniquely enables flexible and instant integration of content, data and applications with mobile devices, portals, content management systems, applications and databases. The platform includes an intuitive visual design environment that simplifies integration and speeds project delivery, offering faster and better results when compared to traditional integration approaches. Kapow Technologies has more than 120 enterprise customers worldwide including U.S. Army, Deutsche Post, Wells Fargo, Lycos Europe, Barclays Bank, Vodafone, DZ Bank, Swedish Defense and Danish Broadcasting Corporation. The company has partnerships with major industry players including BEA, IBM, AttachmateWRQ, Oracle, Inxight and ClearForest. For more information: www.kapowtech.com.

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