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Kapow Technologies Signs 200th Customer In First Fiscal Quarter as Web 2.0 Technologies Go Mainstream


Company inks deals in 10 countries across Americas and Europe; Powers the adoption of Web 2.0 mashups in enterprises

Palo Alto, CA and Copenhagen, Denmark - Nov 8, 2006 – Kapow Technologies, the leading enterprise mashup software company, today reported its best sales quarter ever, adding more than 20 new customers and a total of 30 deals in the period ending September 30th.

"In our first fiscal quarter, the Kapow Enterprise Mashup Platform sold well among Global 2000 companies such as Bell South, Intel, Tata, AON International and Kroll, resulting in 70% of total revenue," said Stefan Andreasen, founder and CEO of Kapow Technologies. "We also broadened our customer base across new geographies and industries, and saw much stronger interest from new and established Internet service companies."

Andreasen credits recent sales momentum to outstanding corporate execution, and two favorable macro industry trends. First is the explosion of successful Web 2.0 business models that rely on seamless integration of HTML and the data and logic behind it. Second, there is a sea change in the integration software market, driven by the opportunity to outfit Global 2000 companies with new technologies that have the ability to reduce project costs and meanwhile, greatly improve the deployment timeframe. For example, a portal integration project that used to take a million dollars, six months and a dozen IT professionals can often be achieved in a few weeks with 50-75 percent less resources using the Kapow Enterprise Mashup Platform.

Last quarter, Kapow Technologies continued to derive a significant percentage of its sales through strategic alliances with leading software companies including BEA Systems, Oracle, and Attachmate. Each of these companies continues to leverage Kapow Technologies in customer deals in the areas of enterprise mashups, content migration, plus portal and data integration. The company also continued to build out its technology platform and support the developer communities that leverage Kapow with other Web 2.0 technologies including AJAX, Ruby, REST, RSS, SOAP and PHP.

About Kapow Technologies
Kapow Technologies (www.kapowtech.com) provides integration software that enables companies to deploy portals and content-intensive applications such as enterprise mashups at a fraction of the time and cost compared to traditional enterprise software methods. Because of its patented, unique integration approach, Kapow Technologies is one of the fastest-growing software firms in the world, with more than 200 Global 2000 customers including AT&T, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, CSFB, Intel, Vodafone, U.S. Army, Audi and Deutsche Post (DHL). Partners such as BEA Systems, IBM and Oracle make Kapow Technologies their top choice for projects including data collection, content migration, as well as the enablement of mobile applications and service oriented architectures.


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