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Proto Software and Kapow Technologies Partner to Bring "Mashups that Matter" to the Financial Services Industry


NEW YORK, NY — AJAXWorld Conference - Mar 19, 2007 – Kapow Technologies and Proto Software have announced that they are partnering to deliver "Mashups that Matter" to the financial services community. Kapow Technologies adds an API to services ranging from legacy apps to web-based social media. Using Proto to process, analyze, and present intelligence from these services gives users a system that no other "off-the-shelf" package can match. Together, Proto and Kapow Technologies bring Enterprise 2.0 to the trading floor in a way that reduces costs and increases profits.

"There's been a lot of talk in the technology press over the last several months about mashups, but by combining Kapow Technologies' data-gathering capabilities with Proto's rapid front-end development tools, we've created a hybrid mashup solution that adds real business value for traders, portfolio managers, analysts, and other financial services professionals," said Byron Binkley, Proto CEO. "For too long, financial services professionals have relied on the data that they can buy "off-the-shelf" to make decisions, while the amount of relevant data available from Internet-based social media sources has exploded. Much of the time, this data offers a different and valuable perspective from what you would find in a packaged-data vendor's solution."

Kapow Technologies and Proto can be used together to quickly create applications that range from blog commentary aggregators for equity, credit and bond traders to tools to help explore sales channel saturation for research analysts. As a proof of concept, the two companies are currently demonstrating a solution that uses a variety of real estate data gathered from social websites to better value collateral underlying mortgage-backed securities. Representatives from Kapow will be demonstrating the mortgage research solution, in addition to a range of other tools created specifically for the financial services sector, at AJAXWorld in New York on Monday, March 19th thru March 21st.

"With the recent turmoil in the mortgage industry, collateral quality is of great concern, and yet, analysts cannot rely on Bloomberg's CLP screen and other data subscriptions to make a timely assessment," said John Yapaola, COO of Kapow. "But now, Proto and Kapow Technologies offer a way to quickly create a mashup that combines any Internet site with other in-house applications and data subscriptions to give researchers the best of all worlds. Our partnership with Proto is a great opportunity to deliver on Enterprise 2.0's promise to the finance industry in a way that has bottom-line impact."

Kapow Technologies and Proto are currently discussing pilot implementations with several large financial services customers in and around the New York City area.

About Kapow Technologies
Kapow Technologies (www.kapowtech.com) is a market leader in Mashup Serving, Feed Serving and Web Scraping software that enables companies to deploy content-intensive applications such as enterprise mashups and Web 2.0 applications at a fraction of the time and cost compared to traditional software methods. Because of its patented, unique visual scripting approach, Kapow Technologies is one of the fastest-growing software firms in the world, with more than 200 customers including Global 2000 firms such as AT&T, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, CSFB, Intel, Vodafone, U.S. Army, Audi and Deutsche Post (DHL). The company also serves Web 2.0 startups including SimplyHired, Momondo.com and Ziggs.com.

About Proto
Proto Software, Inc. develops application software designed to bring desktop mashup development to the masses, bridging the gap between custom software development and spreadsheets. Proto's unique visual building environment lets non-programmers design user interfaces, connect to web services, and integrate with local apps all without programming to create custom "situational applications". It's component-based, multi-user architecture is robust, allowing users to create, store, and share reusable functionality. Power users and programmers can extend Proto via scripting.


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