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Kapow Technologies Doubles its Enterprise Mashup Solution Footprint


Company Adds Web 2.0 and Content Migration Editions to the Kapow Mashup Server Family; Gives Developers One-click Deployment of REST, RSS, and Atom Services

Nashville, TN - Jun 11, 2007 – Kapow Technologies today announced two new editions of the Kapow Mashup Server family, extending its lead as the only mashup solution that provides universal access to data and services across the enterprise.

According to industry analysts, mashups are one of the most promising trends in IT today, with the potential to enable a new wave of productivity gains by knowledge workers, whose application needs are largely unaddressed today with current IT capabilities. As proof, Kapow Technologies has completed approximately 200 enterprise mashups projects over the past three years, the majority of which involve collecting unstructured web-based content programmatically and automating the flow of that data into other web applications, portals, and databases.

"Now that mainstream companies are realizing advantages of the mashup paradigm, they are looking for more powerful — and more simple — ways to provide expanded data resources to knowledge workers," said Stefan Andreasen, founder and CTO of Kapow Technologies. "Consequently, we have extended the capabilities of the Kapow Mashup Server family into the areas of content migration and Web 2.0 applications, providing lightweight feeds and service interfaces to previously unavailable data sources."

New Kapow Mashup Server Editions

All enterprise mashups have one thing in common: they require programmatic access to the underlying data and services that comprise the building blocks of the mashup. While there are a lot of different companies that focus on providing the visual composition tools for mashup components, Kapow Technologies is one of the few that enables access to the underlying data sources and services to be mashed up. New editions of the Kapow Mashup Server family are:
  • Web 2.0 Edition — This new offering greatly increases Kapow Technologies' ability to develop data-centric mashups, giving IT the capability to build a new class of quick-to-assemble applications based on lightweight RSS feeds and REST services. Web 2.0 Edition is optimized for easy and quick creation of mashable components from just about any web resource, making it possible to reuse web data or business logic from inside the company or the public web. Once the feeds have been generated, they can be published as lightweight feeds or services, typically used by mashup builders to develop quick-toassemble ad hoc applications that combine web content from different sources into a new application. Another key benefit of the Web 2.0 Edition is that IT organizations can cost-effectively address the 'long tail' of their application backlog, using mashups as a means to rapidly deploy IT solutions to the edge of the enterprise.
  • Content Migration Edition — This edition eliminates the traditional, expensive, cut-and-paste approach to migration of content between or into enterprise content management (ECM) systems, automating the process and significantly reducing the need for human intervention. Using the Kapow Mashup Server, source content can be quickly and easily collected and converted to the appropriate format that maps to the relevant target schema or template, all in an automated fashion. This unique approach allows any web-based content to be rapidly incorporated into a content management data store, greatly extending the reach and interoperability of an ECM solution.
Existing offerings of the Kapow Mashup Server family include the Data Collection Edition, which enables API-based access to a wide variety of structured and unstructured data, from a wide variety of sources, both in the web tier and the filesystem. Kapow Technologies' fourth offering is the Portal Content Edition, which enables cost-effective delivery of web based content and functionality into portal servers.

Kapow Mashup Server Availability
The new Kapow Mashup Server editions are available in July. For more information about the Kapow Mashup Server, visit www.kapowtech.com. Also, developers can begin exploring mashups for their organizations is through openkapow, the world's first online mashup building community. The site features hundreds of pre-built mashup robots, and provides the ability to create and test new mashups on a hosted server.

About Kapow Technologies
Kapow Technologies is the expert in harvesting mashable public and private web intelligence with software that turns the Web into the world's largest database. Based on the company's patented, visual scripting method, the Kapow Mashup Server powers solutions in reputation management, competitive intelligence, asymmetric intelligence, content aggregation, content syndication, content migration, SOA enablement and business automation at a fraction of the time and cost compared to traditional software methods. As the number one solution in its class for three years running, the Kapow Mashup Server has attracted more than 250 clients such as AT&T, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, CSFB, Intel, Vodafone, Audi, DHL and SimplyHired, and partners such as BEA Systems, IBM and Oracle to power their solutions.


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