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Kapow Technologies Fosters Enterprise Mashup Adoption


Kapow Mashup Server Unlocks the Web for IBM Mashup Center

Palo Alto, CA. - Jun 5, 2008 – Kapow Technologies today announced that it is working with IBM (NYSE: IBM) to further the adoption of enterprise mashups by making new sources of information available for use in situational applications through the integration of the Kapow Mashup Server and IBM Mashup Center*.

In order for enterprises to transform information into consumable or 'mashable' assets, they need both the application development tools and the access to Web, personal and departmental information. Kapow Technologies provides access to Web data, no matter where it is located, then extracts and transforms it via a Web service or feed which can be used by IBM Mashup Center to power new situational applications for the enterprise.

For example, the Kapow solution can enable sales professionals to more easily view and use information about prospects and customers through mashup applications drawing from internal CRM systems, subscription data feeds such as Edgar Online, corporate web sites, blogs and social media sites including LinkedIn, Technorati and Facebook. This powerful combination of data can reveal up-to-the-minute views on corporate news, events, executives, competitors, markets, suppliers, customers and financial information. This data can then be published into IBM Mashup Center, where it can be assembled, combined, and displayed in the form of a real-time, 360-degree-view dashboard.

"Organizations today are faced with meeting the information needs of a new generation of users that crave better access to information in order to do their jobs," said Larry Bowden, vice president, portals and mashups, IBM. "Mashups have rapidly emerged as one of the most compelling new technologies to help achieve the need for business users to directly remix and gain insight from information in context of a secured enterprise environment."

When used in combination with IBM Mashup Center, the Kapow solution helps companies unlock the limitless unstructured information sources on the World Wide Web and in corporate intranets to create new situational applications.

Contributing to the enterprise mashup and web intelligence trends, Kapow Technologies is a leading provider of enterprise-class server software that enables the harvesting of mashable public and private web intelligence. As the number-one solution in its class for three years running, Kapow Technologies routinely delivers strategic business and IT results on budgets and timelines that were once thought impossible. Consequently, the solution received top honors in the enterprise tools category of the 2008 JOLT Awards.

IBM Mashup Center comprises the most complete mashup software package in the industry geared specifically for the enterprise. It provides a lightweight environment for unlocking, transforming and mixing enterprise, departmental Web and personal systems while enforcing enterprise-class security and governance. The software also allows organizations to improve productivity by empowering line of business, self-service application development.

"IBM has taken a market leadership role in enabling companies across the globe to leverage the power of situational applications including mashups," said Stefan Andreasen, founder and CTO of Kapow Technologies. "We are just beginning to realize the efficiencies and new competitive advantages that are possible when IT organizations put mashups in the hands of knowledge workers. IBM has done more than any other major software company to provide enterprises with knowledge and easy-to-use mashup tools to help them confidently and methodically leverage this new technology class."

To learn more about Kapow Technologies solutions, please visit www.kapowtech.com. To learn more about IBM's Web 2.0 initiatives, please visit: www.ibm.com/software/info/web20

About Kapow Technologies
Kapow Technologies is the expert in harvesting mashable public and private web intelligence with software that turns the Web into the world's largest database. Based on the company's patented, visual scripting method, the Kapow Mashup Server powers solutions in reputation management, competitive intelligence, asymmetric intelligence, content aggregation, content syndication, content migration, SOA enablement and business automation at a fraction of the time and cost compared to traditional software methods. As the number one solution in its class for three years running, the Kapow Mashup Server has attracted more than 300 clients such as AT&T, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, CSFB, Intel, Vodafone, Audi, and SimplyHired.

*Indicates a trademark or registered trademark of International Business Machines Corporation.


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