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IDG Research Survey Exposes Pent-Up Demand For Consumable Big Data To Make It Rapidly Actionable


- May 15, 2013 – Manual, time-consuming data aggregation is a fact of life for 81 percent of respondents;

Most report only lukewarm success, yet Big Data projects are poised to double in 12 months

Palo Alto, CA –May 15, 2013 – Organizations can’t gather business insights from Big Data fast enough. Kapow Software, a leading Big Data solution provider, today announced findings from a survey conducted in partnership with IDG Research Services. The results, which represent over 200 business and IT leaders at large organizations, reveal there’s a perception that Big Data projects require significant time and resources to deliver value and a new enterprise trend emerging: the consumerization of Big Data so workers can act on key insights more quickly.

More than 85 percent of business and IT leaders agree that Big Data offers substantial value in its ability to make more informed business decisions and foster a data-driven organization. Top-ranking business outcomes include staying ahead of market trends, competitive advantage, improved customer satisfaction, increased employee productivity and improved information security or compliance.

Despite the perceived business benefits, more than half of respondents (52 percent) rate Big Data project success so far as lukewarm (somewhat successful), and only 23 percent of them perceive Big Data projects to be a success. The inability to automate structured and unstructured data quickly and effectively is among the biggest challenges with 60 percent of respondents noting that Big Data projects typically take at least 18 months to complete. More than half say these projects typically require consultants and other third-party experts to complete.

In an effort to mine business insights from Big Data now, and not 18 months, employees are taking matters into their own hands. Manual data aggregation remains a fact of life for 81 percent of the workforce. While 91 percent of the workforce asks IT to enable information aggregation, there’s a significant resource and talent gap to meet the demand.

To address time-to-value and real-time access pain points, 85 percent of respondents believe Big Data strategies will be (or should be) user-centric. The majority say their organizations are likely to adopt solutions that are easily consumable and empower end users. IT respondents, in particular, do not believe they will dictate the Big Data solutions used.

“A clear strategic imperative has emerged: making Big Data insights easily consumable across the workforce,” says Karl Ederle, Chief Product Officer at Kapow Software.” It’s become critical for organizations of all kinds to deliver the right information rapidly enough to the right employee so it can be acted upon quickly to make a business impact.”

Additional key findings from the survey show:

• 32 percent of companies polled have implemented Big Data initiatives to date. The number of Big Data implementations is expected to double during the next 12 months.

• Only one in ten business leaders believe Big Data solutions on the market today are effective at getting valuable data to their workforce in a timely manner.

• By making Big Data easily consumable, IT leaders anticipate improved productivity and better business/IT partnerships.

• Big Data’s user-centric evolution is expected to be a boon to the business regardless of respondent’s function.

To access the white paper and infographic, please visit:

• White paper: http://info.kapowsoftware.com/IDGSurveyConsumableBigData

• Infographic: http://kapowsoftware.com/resources/infographics/deliver-actionable-insights-by-making-big-data-consumable.php

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