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Kapow Software Introduces Kapow Katalyst 8.2


- Nov 17, 2011 – Latest Kapow Katalyst Application Integration Platform Delivers Self-Service Capabilities for Faster Time to Value

Palo Alto, California—November 17, 2011—Kapow Software, the leading innovator in application integration, announced the 8.2 release of its Kapow Katalyst Application Integration platform, which is the result of Kapow Software’s consistent and heavy investment in research and development and its rapid response to input from its large, active customer base. The focus of Kapow Katalyst 8.2 is to provide intuitive usability and a self-service user experience, making it faster and easier to integrate Big Data applications to enable real-time analytics and optimization of internal, external, structured, and unstructured data.

“By providing business users with self-service application integration, Kapow Katalyst allows enterprises to innovate new products and services, creating competitive advantage and growing the business strategically,” said Stefan Andreasen, founder and CTO at Kapow Software. “Katalyst 8.2 gives business users the intuitive ability to create automated workflows that integrate applications and data in real-time. With the latest advanced features in 8.2 that further improve Time to Value delivery, we’ve significantly increased an organizations ability to rapidly assess projects, prototype, and shorten ‘inquiry to delivery.’”

Kapow Katalyst 8.2 is another phase in the evolution of Kapow Software as the leading innovator in integrating applications to drive value across the enterprise. More than ever, CIOs face the challenge of finding a balance between just managing IT projects versus using IT to innovate and move their businesses forward. With the advances in Katalyst 8.2, CIOs can automate and optimize many manual and non-strategic tasks and projects to free resources for redeployment on more strategic projects. The onslaught of Big Data, including legacy, on-premise, social media, partner, B2B, competitor, ecommerce, blogs, and news sites, as well as location-based and mobile data, presents real challenges for IT to take advantage of the opportunity and stay ahead of the competition. Kapow Katalyst 8.2 enables companies to access and transform Big Data into actionable intelligence that drives productivity gains and an increase in net income.

Kapow Software customers can request an upgrade to Kapow Katalyst Application Integration Platform 8.2 by contacting Kapow Software support.

About Kapow Software

As the leading innovator in application integration, Kapow Software offers businesses a radically different approach to application integration, business process automation, content migration, mobile enablement, and web intelligence. The Kapow Katalyst™ Platform rapidly delivers connectivity and control with any application inside the enterprise, in the cloud, or on the Internet. Kapow Software empowers enterprises to streamline business processes and integrate applications without burdening IT. With Kapow Katalyst, enterprises can deliver integration projects as much as 90 percent faster and 80 percent cheaper than traditional methods, with 100 percent data accuracy. More than 500 customers, including NetApp, Audi, Commerzbank, Intel, Morgan Stanley, Vodafone, and dozens of federal agencies, rely on Kapow Software. Discover how we can help your company at www.kapowsoftware.com or call 1-800-805-0828.

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