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Kapow Software Launches Kapow Mobile Katalyst™ for Mobilizing Business Applications 10x Faster


- Jun 14, 2011 – With Kapow’s game-changing approach, projects that took years, cost millions, and were often abandoned now get done 10x faster and 90% cheaper

Palo Alto, California - June 14, 2011 - Kapow Software, the leading innovator in cloud application integration, today announced the global availability of the Kapow Mobile Katalyst™ integration platform, which enables the rapid mobile-enablement of business applications. It is built on Kapow Katalyst™, the leading enterprise cloud and application integration platform proven and trusted by more than 500 customers. The unique power of Kapow Katalyst is the ability to access and integrate the data and business logic of existing applications without requiring application programming interfaces (APIs).  Now, Kapow Mobile Katalyst brings the power of this unique approach to mobile-enabling any existing packaged or proprietary business application.

With traditional methods of application mobilization, projects can take years, cost millions - and often end up being abandoned. The problem is that most business applications lack APIs that expose the data and business logic to be delivered to mobile devices. Adding a service-level interface to a legacy application is a complex development project requiring an extensive rewrite - years of planning, coding, and testing as well as spending, disrupting, and, too often abandoning. Kapow Mobile Katalyst changes the game by letting you repurpose existing applications as mobile applications, leaving the underlying systems untouched.

Kapow Mobile Katalyst combines an application integration platform, a visual flow-chart development environment, a purpose-built integration browser, and a collaboration platform to provide easy-to-use tools for extending any existing B2E and B2C business application to the mobile platform. With Kapow Software, business users can create a new web service interface "wrapper" without re-writing any existing code. Users visually build flow-charts and data mappings to control the application’s business logic through its existing web interface, then deploy the mobilized application with one click into a production environment. Projects that once required months or years are now possible in weeks or days.

"With over five billion mobile devices in use, mobility is approaching ubiquity. Yet many businesses are trailing behind the curve and thus missing opportunities because of the difficulty, time, and expense of re-coding existing apps for the mobile world," said John Yapaola, president and CEO of Kapow Software. "Kapow Mobile Katalyst solves this problem with an elegant solution that completely eliminates the main sticking point: widespread lack of APIs. You no longer have to build one or wait for the vendor to provide one. Kapow simplifies and accelerates the mobilizing of any application, website, portal, or data."

Chris Marsh, Senior Analyst, Yankee Group, commented on the demand for efficient mobile-enablement: "For business and IT leaders, mobilizing business applications is a competitive mandate. Companies that fail to recognize and exploit this mega trend risk obsolescence. The challenge for IT is that the majority of business applications lack APIs, making mobile enablement up to this point an extremely time- and resource-consuming endeavor. New solutions are emerging, however, to address this challenge."

Companies that meet employee and customer expectations for anytime, anywhere access to applications and data gain significant competitive advantages. Employees with mobile access to business applications, for example, are more than 10% more productive than the average employee in general.1 And companies that reach out to mobile customers first are winning new business, grabbing market share, and improving loyalty with the ubiquitous convenience customers want.

SWAGG, a mobile application that lets you shop smarter using your mobile phone, illustrates the trend. "Through Kapow Software, SWAGG is able to help organize and present information about the brands and stores that consumers know and love," said Frank Young, senior director, business development for Firethorn Mobile. "Kapow Software provides our mobile solution with a highly scalable capability to continuously and efficiently support the world’s most powerful brands while setting the standard in consumer service."

Leading automobile manufacturer Audi wanted to provide real-time answers to location-based travel queries from the A8 automobile’s in-dash mobile navigation system. The challenge was to obtain and deliver live data feeds from information providers. Audi resolved those issues using Kapow Mobile Katalyst to create custom real-time interfaces directly from information providers’ websites. The data is then transformed and presented on demand through the A8’s in-dash mobile navigation system.

Partner Solutions

Kapow Software’s expertise is in gaining access to data and applications, while partnering with companies that specialize in mobile front-end development. The company understands the needs of the mobile-enablement market and is working with a variety of partners, including Antenna Software, the largest independent mobile enterprise solutions provider in the world. Kapow Mobile Katalyst’s ability to dynamically transform a standard website into a set of mobile-aware data services makes it a natural fit for any mobilization project.

"A mobile website is only as good as the data that supports it," said Jim Somers, chief marketing & strategy officer at Antenna Software. "Together with Kapow Mobile Katalyst, we are able to accelerate the delivery of our mobile web solutions to help drive significant business value for our customers, quickly. We’ve proven our joint success with several leading global brands and look forward to building on this relationship."

About Kapow Software

As the leading innovator in cloud application integration, Kapow Software makes the impossible possible. The Kapow Katalyst™ Platform rapidly delivers connectivity and control with any application inside the enterprise, in the cloud, or on the Internet without dependency on existing APIs. Kapow Software empowers the line of business to streamline business processes and integrate applications without burdening IT. With Kapow Katalyst, enterprises can deliver integration projects as much as 90 percent faster and 80 percent cheaper than traditional methods, with 100 percent data accuracy. More than 500 customers, including AT&T, Audi, Commerzbank, Intel, Morgan Stanley, Vodafone, and dozens of federal agencies, rely on Kapow Software for process automation, mobile enablement, cloud and web app integration, content migration, business intelligence, terrorism tracking, and comparison pricing, among other critical solutions. Discover how we can help your company, at www.kapowsoftware.com or call 1-800-805-0828.

Kapow Katalyst, Kapow Mobile Katalyst, and Kapow Software are trademarks of Kapow Software.

1"The iPass Global Mobile Workforce Report: Understanding Enterprise Mobility Trends and Mobile Usage," 2011, observes that, "The average mobile worker works 240 hours a year longer than the workforce in general," an increase in hours worked of over 10%.