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Kapow Software announces Katalyst Apex™ Generator


- Mar 15, 2012 – Social media, cloud, and big data solutions innovator delivers real-time integration between Force.com® apps and external web applications

San Francisco, California — March 15, 2012 — Cloudforce® 2012 - Kapow Software, a leading innovator in cloud application integration, today announced Katalyst Apex Generator, the latest enhancement to its award-winning software, Kapow Katalyst. This enhancement will allow businesses to deploy Katalyst-built integrated processes directly into their Salesforce environment with a single click.

“By strengthening our integration with Salesforce, we’re making it possible to rapidly automate business processes and deliver real-time information from external web apps directly into Salesforce or any Force.com app,” said Stefan Andreasen, CTO of Kapow Software. “Katalyst empowers Salesforce users to make decisions and take action based on a complete view of the information they need, rather than wasting time searching for critical information trapped in external systems.”

As Salesforce continues to push deeper into the enterprise, the need for real-time, self-service integration with external web applications grows in importance. With Kapow Katalyst Apex Generator, any Force.com user can automate the interactions with all of their external web apps in a matter of hours. Now any application built on the Force.com platform can be the single source of information needed to support sales, customer service, HR, or any other line of business.

The power of integrating Kapow-built integrated processes with Salesforce is further multiplied when used in conjunction with Visual Workflow, the Salesforce business process automation tool available free to Salesforce customers. Together, Kapow Katalyst and Visual Workflow allow for the rapid creation of apps that include business processes and information spanning many systems, all with no coding.

“Combining Kapow Katalyst and Visual Workflow, you enable the line of business to streamline existing business processes and create very powerful composite applications in minutes, all without writing a single line of code, or burdening IT,” said Rory Byrne, vice president of business development at Kapow Software. “The agility with which you can build and deploy these apps is unprecedented and allows businesses to eliminate their most disruptive and costly manual processes very rapidly.”

About Kapow Software

Kapow Software rapidly integrates, synchronizes, and migrates any data and application inside the enterprise, in the cloud, or on the Internet. More than 500 customers, including Audi, Commerzbank, Intel, NetApp, and dozens of federal agencies rely on Kapow Software for Big Data, social media, cloud and web application integration, web intelligence, and mobile enablement, among other critical solutions. Discover how we can help your company at www.kapowsoftware.com or call 1-800-805-0828.

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