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Kapow Software’s Big Data Integration Platform Recognized as KMWorld Trend Setting Product of 2013


- Sep 5, 2013 – Palo Alto, CA – Kapow Software, a Kofax company and leading big data integration software provider, today announced that KMWorld has selected Kapow Enterprise 9.2 as a Trend Setting Product of 2013. The final selections were made by a combination of KMWorld editorial colleagues, industry analysts, system integrators and a select group of users from a list of more than 700 products. The publication reviewed the year’s technology advancements with particular attention toward products that represent new or business-critical directions for the industry at large.

“Kapow Software's big data integration platform was selected because it helps enterprises quickly access and connect to any disparate data sources using existing application programming interfaces (APIs) or Kapow’s unique synthetic API technology,” said Hugh McKellar, executive editor at KMWorld magazine. “The technology platform features an intuitive user interface to transform and distribute data into easy-to-consume insights for employees to make more informed decisions.”

Kapow Enterprise 9.2 enables companies to integrate any cloud or on-premise data source using Kapow Software’s patented, intelligent workflows and synthetic APIs. Once the critical data is found and extracted, Kapow Enterprise 9.2 can deliver timely, valuable information directly to employees across departments in an easily consumable form called Kapow Kapplets™ through an enterprise app library called the Kapow KappZone™. KappZones can be easily branded and distributed for employees to discover and use on any computing device they choose.

“Kapow is honored to be selected as one of KMWorld’s trend-setting products of 2013,” said Karl Ederle, Chief Product Officer at Kapow Software. “Organizations of all kinds are using Kapow to accelerate data-driven decision making into their operations.  Kapow is aiding our customers in delivering strategic insights that are easy to consume and can be acted upon quickly to maximize their business impact.”

The complete list of KMWorld's Trend-Setting Products for 2013 are featured in the September 2013 print issue and online at www.kmworld.com.

About Kapow Software

Kapow Software, a Kofax company, harnesses the power of legacy data and big data, making it actionable and accessible across organizations. Hundreds of large global enterprises including Audi, Intel, Fiserv, Deutsche Telekom, and more than a dozen federal agencies rely on its agile big data integration platform to make smarter decisions, automate processes, and drive better outcomes faster. They leverage the platform to give business consumers a flexible 360-degree view of information across any internal and external source, providing organizations with a data-driven advantage. For more information, please visit: www.kapowsoftware.com.

About Kofax

Kofax® plc (LSE: KFX) is a leading provider of innovative smart capture and process automation software and solutions for the business critical First Mile™ of customer interactions. These begin with an organization’s systems of engagement, which generate real time, information intensive communications from customers, and provide an essential connection to their systems of record, which are typically large scale, rigid enterprise applications and repositories not easily adapted to more contemporary technology. Success in the First Mile™ can dramatically improve an organization’s customer experience and greatly reduce operating costs, thus driving increased competitiveness, growth and profitability. Kofax software and solutions provide a rapid return on investment to more than 20,000 customers in banking, insurance, government, healthcare, business process outsourcing and other markets. Kofax delivers these through its own sales and service organization, and a global network of more than 800 authorized partners in more than 75 countries throughout the Americas, EMEA and Asia Pacific. For more information, visit kofax.com.

About KMWorld

KMWorld (www.kmworld.com) is the leading information provider serving the Knowledge Management systems market and covers the latest in Content, Document and Knowledge Management, informing more than 45,000 subscribers about the components and processes - and subsequent success stories - that together offer solutions for improving business performance.  KMWorld is a publishing unit of Information Today, Inc. (www.infotoday.com)