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Kapow Software’s Record Business Growth Highlights Shift to Agile Self-Service Integration Solutions


- Jul 11, 2012 – 55 percent rise in new business bookings, year over year, fueled by mounting market need to rapidly integrate applications, big data, cloud and social content without reliance on APIs, coding or costly consultants

Palo Alto, California — July 11, 2012 — Kapow Software, a leading innovator in the application integration market, today announced record results from its fiscal year ending June 30, 2012. Compared to the same quarter one year ago, new software subscriptions grew by more than 74 percent and new business bookings grew by more than 55 percent, once again driving sequential growth quarter over quarter.

Use of the company’s powerful application integration platform, Kapow Katalyst™, has accelerated because customers not only need to integrate applications with existing APIs, such as Oracle and Salesforce, but also applications with limited or no APIs, such as SharePoint™, Ariba™, Amazon™, eBay™, Walmart™, banks and financial services, airlines and travel websites, email, legacy systems, e-commerce platforms, social media, blogs and forums. There’s a growing requirement for agile, self-service capabilities to integrate and automate the connections between these applications and systems without waiting weeks or months for software developers or consultants to code these solutions.

“Today’s CIOs are challenged by a disruptive shift. Their own customers and employees are becoming impatient and frustrated, and are driving change. A deconstruct of traditional corporate IT organizations is underway led by more tech-savvy millennial workers, the BYOD generation, demanding more choice and self-service IT options,” said John Yapaola, CEO of Kapow Software. “Millennials will make up 36 percent of the work force by 2014 and 46 percent by 2020.1 They are pushing IT organizations to be more agile and evolve to a web-centric approach to solving employee, customer, and partner demands for real-time access to the data and applications to get their jobs done. IT must come to grips with new business requirements to connect to any source, in near real-time, without resorting to time-consuming coding or consulting solutions.”

In the wake of generational shifts in the workplace, many IT organizations can’t keep up with the high demand for integration work due to constrained resources or budgets. The needs of employees, partners and customers to integrate and roll out new applications across all platforms and devices are evolving too rapidly. IT departments can’t service the volume or pace of incoming requests. Many organizations don’t have the large budgets required to hire outside consultants to handle the number of integrations and software coding projects using more traditional, outdated approaches. One key roadblock solved by Kapow Katalyst is the ability to migrate and integrate the numerous data sources and applications without existing APIs. For example, less than one percent of websites today have APIs.

"With Kapow Software, we’re building innovative, user-centric business solutions in a small fraction of the time compared to traditional integration solutions,” said Ruediger Adam, vice president M2M Competence Center at Deutsche Telekom. “And we can instantly see the value that it provides for business. With Kapow Software-based applications, the response time on customer support calls from high-profile business customers was cut down from 90 minutes to just four minutes."

With the release of Kapow Katalyst Integration Platform 9.0 last month, Kapow Software has joined forces with Informatica™ and Cloudera™, and made it easier to do big data projects with Hadoop™. No coding, no consultants and no APIs are required with the new platform. One key feature of the release is the introduction of Kapow Kapplets™, lightweight end-user apps that deliver on the vision of Integration-as-a-Self-Service™. Now every customer, partner or employee can benefit from agile application integration and the ability to run and manage real-time integrations and automations. The benefits range from reducing time spent on manual processes by 90 percent, increasing productivity, making more insightful, intelligent decisions, and creating new and innovative products and services.

Kapow Software continues to grow in the U.S., EMEA and Asia. Customers that contributed to the company’s growth during Q4-2012 include AIT Worldwide Logistics, Audi AG, Capital One Services, Commerzbank AG, Deutche Telekom, Equifax, Hewlett Packard, IHS, New York State Police, Raymond James Financial, Saba Software, Siemens Global Marketing Services, Thomson Reuters, Trinity Logistics, UNC-Chapel Hill, Warner Music and Zurich Financial Services.

About Kapow Software

Kapow Software is a leading innovator in the integration market with its intuitive, powerful application integration platform that harnesses the power of cloud, mobile, social and big data without the need for consultants, coding or APIs. Its Integration-as-a-Self-Service™ platform is the first of its kind to empower employees and IT leaders to collaborate in new ways to help modernize the workplace, increase agility and improve business results. Kapow Software is trusted by more than 600 large global enterprises, including Audi, Intel, Fiserv, Deutsche Telekom and more than a dozen federal agencies for process automation, application integration, big data collection, mobile enablement, content migration, web data intelligence, social media monitoring and other mission-critical solutions. For more information, please visit: www.kapowsoftware.com.

Kapow Katalyst and Kapow Software are trademarks of Kapow Software.

1 Source: Forbes.com: Why You Should Be Hiring Millennials (Infographic), July 3, 2012,