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Kapow Software’s Record Quarter Driven By New Market Need to Consumerize Big Data Now, Not in 24 Months


- Jan 31, 2013 – Big data integrator signed dozens of new contracts with market leaders such as Autodesk, EMC, John Deere, Pricewaterhouse Coopers, SuccessFactors and Warner Bros. during last quarter


Palo Alto, CA – January 31, 2013 – Kapow Software, a leading innovator in the big data integration market, today announced its second best quarterly bookings in the company’s history with new subscriptions to its Kapow Katalyst Big Data Integration platform rising more than 57 percent quarter over quarter compared to Q1-FY2013, ending September 30, 2012. In addition, Kapow Software achieved historical highs with a 96 percent customer renewal rate and its highest-ever average selling price, up 30 percent year over year.

The company’s biggest Q2 revenue drivers were based on market need to consumerize big data in three key categories that customers struggle with today: transforming big data to actionable intelligence (Web intelligence), business process automation and content integration. Business leaders realize the potential of big data to create competitive differentiation and enable sales and marketing teams to drive topline growth. They simply don’t have the luxury of waiting for IT departments to figure out long-term strategies such as Hadoop Data Warehousing that can take up to two years to research and implement.

“No matter what industry they’re in, our enterprise customers are constantly telling us they need big data solutions that deliver now, not in 24 months,” says John Yapaola, CEO of Kapow Software. “They need to rapidly generate custom, automated research across a complex web of internal and external data sources that deliver valuable business insights in real time. From competitive pricing checks, brand monitoring and regulatory compliance to automation of manual processes and transactions across legacy, cloud, email, partners and suppliers. Companies of all kinds are now laser focused on creating efficiencies and margins to scale the business and drive topline growth.”

As the complexity and volume of unstructured data grows, so does the need to marry internal and external data to enable corporate leaders to move forward and make decisions today. With Kapow Software, business leaders can manage the collection and integration of legacy, cloud, social and big data and visualize the results, extract value and take action. Its powerful, intuitive platform delivers significant value without massive investments in data warehousing and data mining.

Kapow Software’s ability to consumerize big data is now being recognized more broadly. Using Kapow Katalyst, customers can create a “synthetic API” where no API currently exists. Whereas a traditional API is created and published by the owner of the application, Kapow Software’s platform can create an API with similar functionality when an API doesn’t already exist or as a complement to existing API functionality. Often, using a synthetic API generated by Kapow Katalyst is faster and easier than working with existing APIs and can significantly accelerate time to value for big data investments.

About Kapow Software

Kapow Software is a leading innovator in the big data integration market with its intuitive, powerful integration platform that harnesses the power of legacy, cloud, social and big data. Its Kapow Katalyst integration platform helps modernize the workplace, increase agility and improve business results. Kapow Software is trusted by hundreds of large global enterprises, including Audi, Intel, Fiserv, Deutsche Telekom and more than a dozen federal agencies. For more information, please visit: www.kapowsoftware.com.