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Kapow Technologies Reinvents How Data-Driven Enterprise Applications Are Built With Kapow Web Data Server 7.0


Latest Version Delivers Quantum Leap in Performance, Scalability for Rapidly Accessing and Serving Web Data with 100 Percent Reliability

PALO ALTO, CALIF. - Jun 23, 2009 – Kapow Technologies, the leading provider in the emerging web data services market, today announced the general availability of the latest release of its flagship platform, the Kapow Web Data Server version 7.0 (formerly the Kapow Mashup Server). With version 7.0, Kapow Technologies takes web data services to new levels of enterprise-class scalability, performance and security, providing the fastest and most reliable access to enterprise and public web data. For business applications where timely and relevant data is paramount, the Kapow Web Data Server 7.0 is the industry’s only platform that can access, enrich and serve web data with complete assurance ― 100 percent of data, 100 percent of the time.

"We needed a solution for quickly prototyping and automating our business processes, while gaining instant access to applications and data which were either outside of our control or too complex to rewrite into reusable components," said IT manager, Günter Rauter at Audi. "Working with Kapow Technologies, Audi was able to break down the traditional data and application access barriers and transform its portal architecture to automate business processes across the entire organization in a matter of days rather than months."

Unlike other web data extraction solutions, the Kapow Web Data Server enables IT to rapidly build, test and deploy data feeds and services for new applications by integrating all development efforts in a single platform with no coding required. Kapow “robots” use standard web protocols and security mechanisms to automate the navigation and interaction with any web application or website, providing secure and reliable access to the underlying data and business logic. As a result, new applications for web and business intelligence (WI/BI), service and web oriented architecture (SOA/WOA), portal generation and content migration can be completed and deployed in one tenth of the time and cost associated with traditional software development methods.

“Gaining timely access to noise-free web data is a major challenge for enterprises across all industries,” said Stefan Andreasen, founder and CTO for Kapow Technologies. “More and more companies recognize that web data services are essential to support their growing needs for collaboration, automation and reporting. The Kapow Web Data Server 7.0 is perfect for any application where having the right data at the right time is vital.”

New features and enhancements in Kapow Web Data Server 7.0 include:

  • 100 Percent Browser Engine Compliance ― Extends the ability to handle the most complex web data sources, e.g., JavaScript and AJAX intensive websites
  • Intuitive “point-and-click” IDE ― Delivers surgical data extraction accuracy with no coding
  • URL Blocking ― Eliminates the loading of unwanted content, such as ads, to improve runtime reliability and CPU performance
  • Scalability Improvements ― Enables real-time performance optimization; allows for large file downloads directly to disk for enterprise scale projects
  • Browser-Based Scheduler ― Provides easy and powerful automation of data refresh and synchronization schedules
  • Authentication for RoboServer ― Ensures seamless integration with existing enterprise security and authentication systems
Unmatched Data Access Capabilities
Ensuring data completeness is the most critical issue for any company developing data-driven business applications. Unlike labor-intensive cut-and-paste, homegrown scripts and fragile screen scrapers, the Kapow Web Data Server provides full support for dynamic HTML, such as JavaScript and AJAX, allowing customers to handle the latest and most complex web data sources. The ability to accurately access and extract the most granular data from these modern websites enables organizations to gain 100 percent data visibility and make the best informed business decisions. In addition, usability enhancements vastly improve customer productivity via an intuitive point-and-click IDE (Integrated Development Environment). Developers can literally build, test and deploy Kapow Technologies’ automation robots in just minutes without writing even one line of code.

Enterprise Performance and Scalability
The enterprise-proven Kapow Web Data Server 7.0 speeds deployment time and reduces maintenance costs through enhanced debugging capabilities allowing users to trouble shoot for performance issues in real time. For example, the new Browser Tracer helps customers optimize Kapow Technologies’ robots to see if any are running slow or need to be replaced.  In addition, a URL Blocking feature prevents loading of unwanted content such as banner ads. Users blocking ads from sites such as CNN.com, ESPN.com and FoxNews.com have experienced up to 70 percent faster data load times.  Also, users are able to download large files to disk.

Manageability and Security
Kapow’s new Browser-Based Scheduler allows customers to automate and mange the end-to-end data extraction and serving process by deploying robots through a fully integrated scheduling environment. This intuitive web-based scheduling interface enables better distribution of the data load and optimizes processing power. The Kapow Web Data Server also features enhanced authentication on connections to RoboServer for maximum enterprise security.

Availability and Pricing
Kapow Web Data Server 7.0 is available immediately. For more information please visit http://kapowtech.com/index.php/products/overview. For more information on the emerging market of web data services, log on to The Web Data Services Blog at http://kapowtech.com/blog.

About Kapow Technologies
The leader in web data services, Kapow Technologies eliminates the barriers to accessing, enriching and serving timely enterprise and public web data. The company’s Kapow Web Data Server is a patented visual development and web data automation platform that enables Fortune 1000 companies to create high-value business applications with no coding required. Kapow currently has more than 300 customers, including AT&T, Wells Fargo, Intel, Vodafone and Audi. The company is headquartered in Palo Alto, Calif. with additional offices in Denmark, Germany and the U.K. For more information, log on to www.kapowtech.com or call toll-free at 1-800-805-0828.


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