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Kapow Announces "Browser-Based Data Integration" for Radically Improved ROI on Integration of Enterprise, Web and Cloud Apps


- Nov 16, 2010 – Proven by more than 500 customers, novel approach to integration eliminates need for APIs, delivers data in real time, and mobile–enables any app in just months

GARTNER APPLICATION ARCHITECTURE, DEVELOPMENT & INTEGRATION SUMMIT, LOS ANGELES, Nov. 16, 2010 ― Kapow Software (formerly Kapow Technologies) today re-vamped its brand and announced a novel approach to integration called “browser-based data integration” powered by its patented Kapow Extraction Browser ™.  The Kapow Extraction Browser is the first and only web browser specifically designed to extract and load data from any layer in the application stack – presentation layer, application logic layer or database layer - without requiring application programming interfaces (APIs).   Proven and trusted by more than 500 customers, Kapow’s browser-based approach gives companies an agile way to perform enterprise, web and cloud data integration projects that could not be done by any other method as quickly, easily, cost effectively or accurately. The Kapow Extraction Browser is the engine for the company’s flagship data integration platform Kapow Katalyst™, which was also introduced today at the Gartner Application Architecture, Development & Integration Summit in Los Angeles, Calif. (see today’s press release)  

For years, businesses have struggled with traditional data integration approaches because those methods require APIs to access the data.  With the explosion of web apps, cloud apps and web data – most of which have no published APIs – batch-oriented techniques take months or even years to rewrite applications, wait for the data provider to deliver an API, customize published APIs, or manually cut and paste data between applications. While this approach is required for bulk database processing, most companies today have an urgent need to deliver integrated data in real time. Data integration with the Kapow Extraction Browser eliminates the need for APIs, empowering customers with the fastest, most efficient and accurate way to deliver integrated data to any app or any device.

How the Kapow Extraction Browser Works

The patented Kapow Extraction Browser was purpose-built for secure, automated data extraction, integration and delivery on a massive scale. The Extraction Browser combines the functionality of a presentation browser with the power of an extraction engine that automatically and precisely extracts and transforms data from virtually any source on the web, in the cloud or across the enterprise.  By eliminating the need for APIs, the Kapow Extraction Browser is ideally suited to integrate data from web and cloud apps, as well as mobile-enable any app – including custom-built legacy apps - in just months.  Browser-based data integration enables radically improved ROI and is simply the most agile way to integrate data.

Delivering High Strategic Value to the Enterprise

Many companies began using Kapow software to collect data from the web, but over time they have realized increased strategic value from using Kapow to integrate data from nearly any application for true business innovation and breakthrough ROI on integration and automation projects.  For example, Audi uses Kapow to generate a real-time, direct data feeds of travel, restaurant and weather information into the multi-media, center console dashboard of its Audi A8 sports car, thereby eliminating any dependencies on information providers to deliver custom real-time API’s, and thus allowing them to launch their car in new markets on schedule.

“In alignment with our pledge to satisfy the high expectations of our customers in every respect, Audi uses Kapow to provide real-time data directly into A8’s Multi Media Interface in-car computer system,” said Günter Rauter, IT manager at Audi AG. “Rather than waiting for our information providers to give us custom real-time feeds, Kapow allowed us to deliver the information needed in just one week.  As a result we’re able to ensure cars can launch in their respective markets on time.”

“From our roots in data collection, Kapow has emerged as a strategic data integration solution for large enterprises like Audi and hundreds of other customers,” said John Yapaola, president and CEO for Kapow Software. “As companies continue to move more business functionality to the cloud, the status quo in data integration that’s characterized by lengthy project timelines, extensive manual coding and armies of consultants fails to meet the urgent imperative for integrated data delivered in real time.  Kapow’s browser-based data integration approach will increasingly become the standard for enterprise automation and rapid data delivery, allowing users to make faster, more strategic business decisions,” added Yapaola.

To learn more Kapow’s innovative browser-based data integration approach, the Kapow Extraction Browser and the Kapow Katalyst platform, please visit: www.kapowsoftware.com.  

About Kapow Software

Kapow Software is the leader in browser-based data integration for rapid delivery of data to any application and any device.  The Kapow Katalyst™ Platform, with its purpose-built extraction browser, automatically extracts, transforms, integrates and migrates data from virtually any source on the web, in the cloud or across the enterprise, to virtually anywhere, including mobile devices, without requiring APIs.  With Kapow, customers can deliver data projects as much as 90 percent faster and 80 percent cheaper than traditional methods, with 100 percent data accuracy. More than 500 customers, including AT&T, Audi, Intel, Morgan Stanley, Vodafone, Walt Disney and dozens of federal agencies rely on Kapow for data syndication, mobile-enablement, cloud and web app integration, content migration, business intelligence, terrorism tracking, comparison pricing – and much more.  Explore how we can help you at www.kapowsoftware.com or call 1-800-805-0828.