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Kapow Introduces Kapow Katalyst 8.0: Enterprise Data Integration Platform for Rapid Delivery of Data to Any Application, Any Device


- Nov 16, 2010 – New release is proven to accelerate business process automation, cloud integration, mobile-enablement, business intelligence, data collection  and content migration

GARTNER APPLICATION ARCHITECTURE, DEVELOPMENT & INTEGRATION SUMMIT, LOS ANGELES, Nov. 16, 2010 ― Kapow Software (formerly Kapow Technologies) today launched Kapow Katalyst™ 8.0, a significant extension of the company’s product portfolio for rapid integration and delivery of data to any application and any device.  At the heart of the Katalyst platform is the patented Kapow Extraction Browser™, the first and only browser-based data integration engine designed to support data extraction from enterprise, web and cloud applications without the need for existing application programming interfaces (APIs). The new platform is equipped with features that support collaboration among different departments, business stakeholders, application developers and IT, allowing them to efficiently and securely deploy Kapow for their most strategic enterprise data integration projects.

Rapid Data Delivery Requires Integration without APIs and Consultants

The explosion of web data in the enterprise as well as applications without APIs, including web, cloud and mobile apps, creates new challenges for data integration projects. This has become especially timely with rapid data delivery emerging as the top strategic priority for many businesses. Traditional integration methods take months or years to rewrite applications, receive an API from the data provider, customize published APIs, or manually cut and paste data between different sources, making it impossible to efficiently extract, transform and deliver the data where and when it’s needed. Kapow’s “browser-based data integration” approach completely eliminates the need for IT to use APIs for data integration, saving time and money by avoiding manual coding costs (see today’s press release). This enables Katalyst users to deliver data projects as much as 90 percent faster and 80 percent cheaper than traditional methods, with 100 percent data accuracy.

Designed for Enterprise Collaboration

The most complete integration platform for rapid data delivery, Kapow Katalyst automatically extracts, transforms, integrates and migrates data to and from any application and device. Brand new to Kapow Katalyst is a web-based management console that improves cross-departmental and cross-functional collaboration around strategic integration projects. In addition, the management console is 100 percent compliant with today’s enterprise IT infrastructure and security requirements, allowing Kapow Katalyst users to leverage their current IT investments. The new console also enables IT to continuously monitor the status of their organization’s entire production system across the enterprise to ensure maximum performance, governance and security.

Additional features and benefits of Kapow Katalyst include:

• Easy to deploy for multiple projects and solutions across the enterprise: Cross-functional and roles-based data sharing, data delivery and API generation

• Direct connection to existing governance setup: User role management leverages existing LDAP and Active Directory policies

• Compatible with existing IT infrastructure: Deployable on major J2EE application servers such as IBM Websphere, Oracle WebLogic and Tomcat

• Easy collaboration between IT and application developers: One-click generation of shareable APIs in Java/.NET or SOAP/REST web services in users’ existing Java and .NET application server infrastructure

The platform’s main solution areas include cloud/SaaS integration, partner integration, business process automation, mobile enablement, social media monitoring, market intelligence, automated web data extraction and open source intelligence.

According to the CEO of a Berkshire Hathaway Subsidiary Company, “We depend on Kapow Software to automatically integrate our suppliers and business partners for automated price monitoring and purchasing. For several years Kapow Katalyst has been delivering significant competitive advantage to drive our growth.”

“Cost, complexity, resistance to custom code, and avoidance of massive integration projects are all driving the need for efficient data integration using open web, mobile web and data standards,” said Dana Gardner, principal analyst at Interarbor Solutions. “That's a big reason why the number of web, cloud, and mobile applications delivered without the hassle of custom APIs are growing daily. Kapow is well positioned to help enterprises attain swift and lower-cost data integration -- and to also extend the benefits of that data and associated intelligence out to the web and mobile user.”

“We’re introducing Kapow Katalyst as a direct response to our customers’ need to leverage our technology across their organizations for true collaboration around their urgent integration projects,” said John Yapaola, CEO of Kapow Software. “With Kapow’s browser-based approach quickly becoming the preferred data integration method for rapid data delivery, Kapow Katalyst represents a significant evolution in both our capabilities and the direction of the company itself.”


Available today, the new Kapow Katalyst platform has been beta tested by companies like AT&T, Audi, Bank of America, Fiserv, Morgan Stanley and Nissan. To learn more, please visit www.kapowsoftware.com or call 800-805-0828 for a quote. Supporting images of Kapow Katalyst are available at http://bit.ly/bjDxKc.

About Kapow Software

Kapow Software is the leader in browser-based data integration for rapid delivery of data to any application and any device.  The Kapow Katalyst™ Platform, with its purpose-built extraction browser, automatically extracts, transforms, integrates and migrates data from virtually any source on the web, in the cloud or across the enterprise, to virtually anywhere, including mobile devices, without requiring APIs.  With Kapow, customers can deliver data projects as much as 90 percent faster and 80 percent cheaper than traditional methods, with 100 percent data accuracy. More than 500 customers, including AT&T, Audi, Intel, Morgan Stanley, Vodafone, Walt Disney and dozens of federal agencies rely on Kapow for data syndication, mobile-enablement, cloud and web app integration, content migration, business intelligence, terrorism tracking, comparison pricing – and much more.  Explore how we can help you at www.kapowsoftware.com or call 1-800-805-0828.