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Kapow Technologies Delivers on “Power of Less” Web 2.0 Expo Theme with iPhone Scheduler App


Rapid Application Development Technology Puts Conference Schedule on iPhone in Three Hours; Reduces Typical Development Time and Cost by 90%

SAN FRANCISCO - Apr 1, 2009 – In the opening keynote presentation today at the Web 2.0 Expo, conference leaders will demonstrate a mashup application for iPhones created by Kapow Technologies and IBM Rational EGL as an example of the “Power of Less” theme.
“Until now, it would have taken hundreds of engineering hours and significant IT resources to create and integrate a Web data source and serve it to a mobile device,” said Stefan Andreasen, founder and CTO of Kapow Technologies.  “But today, through rapid application development technology from Kapow and IBM, two developers spent a total of three hours creating a dynamic web application for the iPhone.”
The Web 2.0 Mobile Scheduler is a very simple example meant to inspire conference attendees to envision how new Web 2.0 applications can empower knowledge workers to innovate with total freedom.  In an ever more challenging economy, this application showcases the modern Web services and data integration tools available that can rapidly create applications, saving significant costs while increasing productivity and leveraging existing IT assets.

With the Kapow Enterprise Web Data Server, companies can rapidly transform information from corporate applications or the Web into consumable assets for mashups and other types of business applications.  Regardless of whether or not developers have programmatic access via an API, Kapow Technologies provides easy access to Web data, no matter where it is located, then extracts and transforms it into a Web service or data feed.  This allows for simple integration with application interface development tools, such as IBM Rational EGL, to power new situational applications for the enterprise.

For example, the Kapow solution can enable sales professionals to more easily view and use information about prospects and customers through composite applications drawing from internal CRM systems, subscription data feeds such as Edgar Online, corporate Web sites, blogs and social media sites including LinkedIn, Technorati and Facebook. This powerful combination of data can reveal up-to-the-minute views on corporate news, competitors, markets, suppliers, customers and financial information when published into IBM Mashup Center, where it can be assembled, combined, and displayed as a real-time, 360-degree dashboard.

“Creating new applications out of internal and external data feeds to empower knowledge workers is no longer a nice-to-have, it’s a critical business function,” said Hayden Lindsey, Vice President and Distinguished Engineer, IBM Rational Software.  “Mashups have rapidly emerged as one of the most compelling new technologies to help achieve the need for business users to directly remix and gain insight from information in the context of a secured enterprise environment.”

Contributing to the enterprise mashup and Web intelligence trends, Kapow Technologies is a leading provider of enterprise-class server software that enables the precise extraction of enterprise and public web data.  As the number-one solution in its class for four years running, Kapow Technologies consistently delivers strategic business and IT results on budgets and timelines that were once thought impossible.  Consequently, the solution received top honors in the enterprise tools category of the 2008 JOLT Awards. 
To learn more about Kapow Technologies solutions, please visit www.kapowtech.com. To learn more about IBM's Web 2.0 initiatives, please visit: www.ibm.com/software/info/web20.

About Kapow Technologies

Kapow Technologies provides Fortune 1000 companies with industry-leading technology for accessing, enriching, and serving real-time enterprise and public Web data. The company’s flagship Kapow Web Data Server powers solutions in Web and business intelligence, portal generation, SOA/WOA enablement, and CMS content migration. The visual programming and integrated development environment (IDE) technology enables business and technical decision-makers to create innovative business applications with no coding required. Kapow currently has more than 300 customers, including AT&T, Wells Fargo, Intel, DHL, Vodafone and Audi. The company is headquartered in Palo Alto, Calif. with additional offices in Denmark, Germany and the U.K. For more information, log on to www.kapowtech.com or call toll-free at 1-800-805-0828.

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