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Content Migration Solutions


Automating content migration, search and legacy data integration for operational efficiency

For many companies a content migration project can be intimidating. It is often an enterprise-wide data management initiative that is tedious and requires vast amounts of resources. As a result, some companies approach a content migration initiative from the perspective of completing the bare minimum to meet their objectives.

It doesn't have to be this way. Kapow helps organizations accelerate application consolidation and legacy application integration by migrating content or connecting to legacy systems more rapidly, with less effort. With Kapow's adaptable and versatile platform, content migration can now be the first phase of an ongoing content management initiative, where tasks are automated to minimize cost, time and labor. In addition, metadata can be applied across both new and legacy content to ensure there is a seamless and optimal search experience.

Content Migration

Automating the migration process can save thousands of man hours as well as ensure a sustainable process for inventorying and maintaining content. In addition to reducing IT costs, the experience gained by the migration team, using a robust and adaptable solution like Kapow, can reveal new opportunities to automate other processes across the organization.

As content is being migrated to a new content management system, the richness of the metadata applied to describe the content affects the types of queries that users can submit, engine scalability, and result relevance. With its visual editing environment, Kapow enables you to enhance legacy and unstructured content without relying on manual processes, custom scripting or connectors.

Retiring Legacy Applications

There is usually a need to synchronize content between multiple applications for data consumption across an organization. This can be especially important when integrating content resulting from merger or acquisition (M&A) activity. However, a lot of legacy applications lack fully functional APIs. Using Kapow Synthetic API technology, the content migration team can easily synchronize content between multiple systems and run automated workflows to grab content from one system and integrate it with another.