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Process Automation Solution:
Automated Data Collection


Competitive advantages of real-time, automated online data collection, & syndication

You compete on the quality, completeness, and timeliness of the data behind the services you provide. With the explosion of data on the web, you must be able to efficiently collect, transform, integrate, and migrate the right data to enhance or create new data services — or risk ceding advantage to a competitor who has better data than you. But extracting web data efficiently and completely is impossible using fragile web-scraping scripts or manual cut-and-paste processes.

Kapow changes the game. With the Kapow Katalyst™ platform you can automatically extract and transform data from virtually any web-based data source, including HTML, XML, AJAX, JSON, Flash, FTP, Excel and PDF. With Kapow's powerful and easy-to-use ETL capabilities, maximize process efficiency and ensure the quality and compatibility of extracted data with your existing information systems. Gone are the days of having to rewrite applications to access their data. And the teams of employees who have been manually cutting-and-pasting web data can now be rededicated from drudgery to driving innovation.

Featured Customer Success Stories in Automated Data Collection: