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Content Migration Solution:
Legacy Application Integration


Create API access to legacy applications up to 90% faster

There is often a need to synchronize content between multiple applications for information across an organization. This can be especially important following a merger or acquisition. However, existing legacy applications frequently lack APIs to enable integration between systems.

Using Kapow Synthetic API technology, a content integration team can easily synchronize content between multiple systems and run automated workflows to grab content from one system and apply it on another. This provides platform independence, enabling the team to deploy content on whatever platform is appropriate for an audience regardless of where content owners want to develop the content.

With Kapow, the content integration team will no longer rely on IT or other teams to develop an interface to legacy systems. For example, specific metrics can be extracted from an external web metrics system and brought into the company's intranet so business users can easily track popular or trending sites. Billing information from multiple external client sites can be acquired, consolidated, formatted and delivered to business users on a daily basis.