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Kapow Software:
Partner Overview


Kapow Software Partner Program – Enabling Customer Success Together

"IBM turns to Kapow Software for providing web data services when customers need solutions that combine enterprise data with non-structured web resources."

Tom Deutsch CTO Office: Information Management IBM

Kapow Software works with a select group of partners dedicated to your success.

Some offer training or implementation services, some have created solutions powered by Kapow Software, and others work closely with Kapow to integrate with our technology. We carefully screen applicants to our partner program, and we ensure that each accepted member has access to the training, software, and support needed to use our products expertly.

We work with three types of partner:

  • Solution Providers: these partners offer customized solutions built on Kapow. Many have developed significant expertise in a specific industry, functional area or technology, allowing you to create superior results more quickly.
  • System Integrators: these partners provide training, staff augmentation, development services, project management, and anything else you may need to accelerate your success with Kapow. They range in size from small specialized firms to global consulting companies.
  • Technology Partners: Kapow's embrace of open standards makes it easy to interoperate with a wide variety of complementary products, but Kapow's Technology partners are committed to deep integration with the Kapow Katalyst Platform.

Together, Kapow Software and our partners are dedicated to solving the application integration and data delivery challenges you face.