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Kapow Software:
Partner Program


Partner with Kapow Software for Application Integration, BI, Content Migration, Mobile Enablement, Process Automation and Web Intelligence

"Even the best intelligence platform needs data. With Kapow Software, open source integrations in Palantir are a breeze. Now, anyone can build a web crawler, and build it fast."

Dan Woods Business Development Associate, Forward Deployed Engineer Palantir Technologies

Kapow Software is dedicated to customer success. We established the Kapow Software Partner Program to enable partnerships with leading providers of services, solutions, and technology that rely on the Kapow Katalyst Platform for moving data to the cloud, performing application integration, automating web intelligence, enabling mobile applications from legacy applications, or migrating CMS content.

By partnering with Kapow Software you gain access to the leading application integration platform for accelerated data delivery along with expert training, and unsurpassed support. Together we create new solutions and services to address your customers' needs, and our sales and marketing resources help identify new business opportunities.

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Whether you want to offer solutions built on Kapow Software, provide Kapow-related services, resell Kapow’s products, or integrate your technology with ours, the Kapow Software Partner Program is right for you.