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Kapow KappZone™


Publish information integration apps to the business user

Lightweight integration apps are delivered as Kapplets™ to the Kapow KappZone™, a published library of all available Kapplets, to be discovered and retrieved by the business user.

Users entering a KappZone will see only the Kapplets that are accessible to them based on access rights as defined by their Kapow administrator.

Kapow Kappzone
Kapplets are distributed through the KappZone to business users

For example, sales reps will get access to Kapplets related to areas such as lead generation, competitive analysis, and prospect profiling. Marketing analysts will get access to Kapplets that provide information related to such subjects as social media tracking and lead scoring.

My Kappzone
My KappZone, the business user's personal Kapplets workspace

Users can then select the Kapplets they need to be installed in their personal My KappZone library. A user can schedule Kapplets to run in real-time or offline for later viewing and sharing of the results.

Frequently used Kapplets can be stored in the My Favorites tab. My KappZone then becomes the user's personal workspace to access, process and deliver the data needed to do their job.