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Information Integration and Automation for the Modern Enterprise

"Kapow brings incredible value to our business users by making them more efficient and productive. With Kapow, we spend less time on manual processes to access and prepare data and more time to make new discoveries. Kapow Kapplets are intuitive and elegant, and provide our business users the critical data they need with just a single click of a button."

– Lars Johnsen, Chief Content Manager at Schultz.

The Kapow integration and automation platform is the fastest way to acquire, enhance, and deliver information to enterprise applications. Information that was previously unattainable, unusable or costly to integrate is now readily consumable to drive productivity and insight into the decision making process. With Kapow, integration and automation projects can be completed in days instead of months. The platform delivers the power of data integration directly into the hands of your business users, helping foster a data-driven culture.

The Kapow "no coding" design allows developers and non-technical users to quickly build information integration flows that acquire, enhance, and deliver information, enabling organizations to be more responsive to the demands of their business.

Kapow Platform

The Kapow platform accelerates the integration of information and eliminates manual work by accessing hard to reach data from a vast number of sources–including websites, web portals, and Microsoft Excel–and connecting the information to enterprise applications. Unlike web scraping tools and expensive in-house custom development, Kapow delivers integration through traditional APIs and an innovative Synthetic API™ that simulates API functionality, making information easily accessible regardless of where it resides.

Data integration flows are built in Kapow Design Studio, the Kapow integration engine, and can be accessed by end users as lightweight business applications called Kapow Kapplets™. Kapplets enable business consumers to explore, interact with and take action on data, and are readily accessible via a shared library called Kapow KappZone™.

Kapow Enterprise Platform

Kapow delivers a secure, scalable platform composed of three layers:

Bi-directional integration with applications and data sources, internal or external, structured or unstructured without relying on the availability of APIs.
A visual IDE used to easily build data integration flows for acquiring, transforming, migrating and distributing data.
Automated integration flows are delivered for consumption by applications, APIs, middleware or directly by users.