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Synthetic APIs™


Enabling Agile Data Integration regardless of APIs or Connectors

Even with the proliferation of APIs, there are still a huge number of web applications and web portals that do not have APIs for enabling businesses to integrate and exchange data and services easily.

Kapow Software enabled Synthetic API™ technology to fill that gap: where no APIs exist for a web application or when an existing API does not provide the full scope of functions needed. It also offers a simple, practical solution where traditional APIs are not feasible or when data-driven projects required for business agility cannot wait for third-party APIs to be created.

Eliminating Dependencies on APIs
Eliminating Dependencies on APIs

Synthetic APIs are a non-intrusive way of providing standard API functionality to applications without any modification to the underlying application. They wrap the web application presentation layer, mimicking real user interaction in an automated manner, while preserving presentation layer business rules and data integrity.

Synthetic APIs provide full CRUD support, with the ability to extract, create, update and delete records in a web application and can be consumed directly by your SOA infrastructure or any other application that consumes standard APIs.