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Introducing Kapow 9.4


The Kapow integration and automation platform is the fastest way to acquire, enhance, and deliver information to enterprise applications. Information that was previously unattainable, unusable, or costly to integrate becomes readily consumable to drive productivity and add insight into the decisions being made.

The latest Kapow 9.4 release adds important new capabilities:

Automate Data-Driven Business Activities

Enterprise businesses commonly rely on Microsoft® Excel® for aggregating data to analyze patterns and discover insights, deliver real-time reporting, and exchanging data between business applications, groups, and partners. With Kapow, all interactions with acquiring and delivering data from many sources to Excel are completely automated, giving business users instant access to information and ability to focus on more productive activities.

Kapow has had the ability to read data from Microsoft Excel spreadsheets for some time, and new to this release is the ability to update and add data to an existing Excel spreadsheet. For example, take a spreadsheet used by business managers to report on and track competitive pricing. With product numbers in a column, Kapow can automatically lookup the price from several websites and add that price to a new column, and combine with additional data from internal sources as well.

Design Studio
Using the Kapow Design Studio, design integration flows without any coding that interact with Microsoft Excel documents

Achieve Self-Service Business Insight

Kapow delivers information from disparate web data sources to Kofax® Altosoft Insight business intelligence dashboards, enabling business users to quickly visualize their information, driving greater process efficiency and improved decision making. Using Kapow Kapplets, business users can quickly access Altosoft dashboards with a single click of a button.

Achieve Self-Service Business Insight screenshot
Kapow automates the acquisition and delivery of external and internal data directly to Kofax Altosoft business intelligence dashboards

Automate Web Page Capture for Compliance Tracking

Automatically capture a snapshot of a web page at any given point in time, and deliver to a content repository, database, or as an email attachment. Using this new capability, organizations can take the captured web page, and incorporate into compliance and regulatory review processes that require frequent monitoring of corporate and third party partner sites.