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Extract data from Linkedin, Hoovers, and more
Are you relying on manual processes or fragile automation scripts to extract company data from public websites? Learn how companies are using Kapow to automatically extract and transform data from virtually any web-based data source – including HTML, Ajax, Flash, XML, PDF, and FTP – without requiring existing APIs or custom coding.
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Extract Competitive Intelligence from the Web
Are you relying on manual processes to pull competitive data off the web? Learn how you can automate web data extraction and integrate harvested data with tools like SAP/Business Objects and Corda for real-time analysis. Learn more about Kapow's no-coding approach to web data extraction with compelling use cases.
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Web Intelligence for Reputation Management
Learn how Kapow's no-coding approach to extracting relevant and timely feedback from social media sites can enhance your Voice of the Customer and Reputation Management initiatives. Hear how customers are using the real-time insight they glean to make strategic investment decisions.
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Automated Content Migration without existing APIs, or custom coding
Are you planning to migrate content to a new CMS? See how Kapow's automated approach to Content Migration can migrate your data without the need for connectors or APIs. 100% data accuracy.
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Leverage Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) with Kapow and Palantir
Blogs, forums and other social networking sites are valuable data sources for law enforcement agencies. The challenge is harvesting and integrating noise-free data with your existing intelligence systems. Learn how organizations are using Kapow to automate acquisition and analysis of web data to produce actionable intelligence.
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