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Automation & Real-time Visibility For Transportation & Logistics: INDUSTRY INSIGHTS
In 2014, EyeForTransport surveyed over 200 organizations regarding information access, visibility and automation. The report showed that most organizations really struggle with the integration of information between internal systems, processes and partner portals.
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Intelligence by Variety - Where to Find and Access Big Data
Using Big Data, organizations can generate actionable insights that enable them to drive their business forward. Rapid integration of ever-expanding pool of data sources and types is opening a whole new world of possibilities. Learn where innovative companies are leveraging critical data from a wide variety disparate internal and external sources to meet business objectives.
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Deliver Actionable Insights by Making Big Data Consumable
According to a survey, sponsored by Kapow Software and conducted by IDG Research, by managing disparate data sources quickly and efficiently, innovative customer care, sales, and marketing teams are already making more informed business decisions.
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