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Services and Support:
Education Services


Kapow Education Services help transfer product knowledge to your entire staff through a combination of hands-on exercises and classroom training. We also offer customizable options including remote and computer-based-training options to help meet your needs and allow you to gain the most value out of your Kapow deployment.

Education Offerings

  • Instructor-led Training and Workshops — Kapow Software offers instructor led training that quickly brings customers up to speed on our products. From in-class demonstrations to hands-on practice, the instructor-led training and workshops provide a dynamic learning environment.
  • Custom Training — Custom training is designed to maximize the learning experience and suit the specific needs of an implementation team, IT Department or other technology groups. Kapow Software custom training is the ideal solution for a team of employees who need the same training.
  • Remote and Computer-Based Training — Kapow offers select content available for consumption remotely, or via CBT. Please contact Kapow for more information on these offerings.

Kapow Certification

  • Customers and partners who successfully complete key courses can obtain Kapow Certification status. This certification is the qualification that you are successfully enabled to build a fully working Kapow solution to meet your specific needs.

Education Schedule

View the latest information on Education Services for our training schedule and registration: http://www.kofax.com/training/schedule.php. If you need additional information or can't find what you're looking for, please email training@kapowsoftware.com today!