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Kapow Katalyst:
Application Integration Solutions


A revolutionary approach to application integration through any layer in the application stack

Your business continually grows dependency on business applications and data spread everywhere - inside the firewall, in your business network, among SaaS apps or on the internet. This triggers application integration challenges as never seen before. Delivering the right data and integrating it on the fly with the different functions of your business is a relentless requirement. You may need to move data to the cloud. Or, once you've done that, sync front-office applications (such as sales force automation) running in the cloud with back-office applications running on-premises. You may be looking for cheaper, faster, better ways to automate B2B processes, mobile-enable legacy B2C applications, or migrate CMS content. You may need to deliver new application integration solutions in days or weeks rather than months or years. Kapow Software can help.

Kapow Katalyst™ is the first enterprise application integration platform that eliminates the need for APIs and allows you to integrate any application, API, database, file system or document, with any other. Based on our revolutionary browser-enabled approach, Kapow Katalyst integrates applications through any layer in the application stack: the presentation layer, the API layer or the database layer without requiring APIs, giving companies a very agile way to perform enterprise, web and cloud application integrations that simply could not be done by any other method as quickly, accurately or cost effectively.

Explore our sub solutions below and learn more about Kapow's featured customer's business challenges, Kapow Katalyst solutions, and the resulting business benefits and costs savings.

Application Integration Sub Solutions:

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