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Kapow for Compliance Monitoring and Reporting


Automatically aggregate and integrate compliance information to meet the demands of regulatory reporting.

Kapow software for compliance monitoring and reporting enables organizations to automatically acquire, enhance, and deliver data from any source, whether it is from websites, email, databases, applications, or spreadsheets. Regardless of business type or industry, today’s companies are being overwhelmed with a growing number of rules and laws that require monitoring, tracking, and reporting on a timely basis to meet federal and state regulations. Unfortunately, not all of this data is internal to a company, and much of it resides outside the business making it difficult to aggregate and integrate into a business’s reporting processes.

Save Time and Money

Kapow solutions for compliance monitoring and reporting are built around a unified content solution that ensures the consistent application of business rules and regulatory compliance standards required for automatic records management and compliance. By pulling data from both internal and external sources, Kapow extracts precisely the data required for compliance reporting, giving enterprise businesses the ability to save time and money when it comes to these tedious and repetitive tracking and reporting activities.

Eliminate Manual Monitoring and Collection of Compliance Data

Automatically extract data from the web and internal data sources, and deliver it to executive dashboards, Excel worksheets, and other compliance reporting tools.


Provide Auditors with Accurate and Transparent Data

Kapow can automatically access and integrate audit trail information for regulatory purposes, and include any information that might potentially fall under an audit.


Turn Compliance Reporting into a Proactive Process

With Kapow you can pre-define the data required by law, when and how to collect it, and where to deliver it automatically.


Empower Compliance Teams

Kapow can deliver compliance data to your staff via dashboards, databases, Excel spreadsheets, and compliance reporting applications in any format required.


Avoid Costly Fines

Eliminate delays in the reporting process by automatically monitoring and integrating the data required for regulatory reporting in a timely manner.


A Platform Built for Compliance

Kapow automates and integrates all compliance data inside the enterprise, in the cloud, and on the web to meet the most stringent compliance requirements.