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Kapow for Customer Service and Support


Enhance customer engagement by automating manual service and support while integrating data from disparate systems

Kapow software for customer service and support breaks down the barriers of information silos by integrating data and automating activities that traditional global call center and support solutions cannot do without significant time and investment. Today’s customer service reps need to access a variety of applications as well as information from both internal and external sources in order to field customer questions and answer them with confidence. The Kapow integration and automation platform maximizes process efficiency and ensures the quality and compatibility of customer service functions while providing integration between applications, including legacy systems, websites, and web portals. It creates a consolidated view of the customer and all interactions including customer service, billing/invoicing, tracking shipments, and more.

Kapow enhances call performance to increase customer satisfaction

Kapow for Customer Service and Support is a unique integration and automation solution that breaks down barriers to integrating information, and eliminates manual activities that other integration and business automation tools simply cannot provide.

Kapow automates customer service and support activities, including walking customers through troubleshooting tests that involve accessing and analyzing data from multiple applications. Kapow eliminates the need to switch between applications in order to access the information necessary to handle the customer call. The end result is an automated and streamlined set of tasks that quickly addresses customer issues, which leads to superior service and exceeding customer service level agreements.

Increase Customer Satisfaction with Faster Access to Information

Build customer satisfaction and loyalty by equipping customer service representatives with all the information they need to answer queries quickly and with authority.


Get a Quick Return On Investment

Kapow’s no-coding approach enables organizations to access all of the benefits of information integration and automation without the need for costly and time-consuming development.


Automate Customer Service Activities

Develop robotic automation processes to automatically run complex integrations between email, call center applications, and core systems without coding.


Exceed Service Level Agreements and Deliver Superior Customer Service

Minimize wait times by giving your customer service reps access to the information they need when they need it while automating repetitive tasks for better service.


Increase Efficiency and Productivity with Interactive Automation

Eliminate manual customer service activities with interactive automation by providing access to data from CRM, ERP, and other internal and external systems.


Engage Your Customers In Real Time

Deliver real-time access to data in any application and eliminate the need to manually log into multiple systems to track down information that is trapped in disparate enterprise silos.