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Kapow for Supply Chain Automation


Extract profit and efficiency by automating manual processes and integrating internal systems with B2B portals.

Kapow software for supply chain automation enables you to eliminate the labor-intensive manual functions required to manage the complex and time-sensitive relationships between suppliers and partners. Kapow automates B2B supplier and partner integration across both internal and external portals while eliminating slow, costly, error-prone and repetitive tasks. While companies of all sizes have adopted some type of supply chain management system, data integration remains a challenge resulting in users performing manual work between different systems and portals. . With Kapow, businesses can easily automate their interactive processes without costly development projects to accelerate growth, extract more profits and streamline their supply chain operations.

Automate interactive processes throughout the supply chain
Kapow provides an alternative solution to expensive integration approaches like EDI, so businesses can easily communicate and automate interactive processes. Kapow provides tight integration of all players in the supply chain and accelerates innovation by enabling any organization to implement strategic B2B portal integration and automation.

Establish New Levels of Engagement Throughout the Supply Chain

Enhance engagement and responsiveness with business suppliers and partners through no-coding data integration and cost-saving automation.

Automating the Extraction, Enhancement and Delivery of Information

Automate labor-intensive back-office functions to glean data from on-going operations as well as supplier interactions via social media, mobile, and Internet communications.

Manage Complex Scheduling and Logistics

Kapow optimizes the scheduling and tracking of shipments by capturing incoming requests and integrating with scheduling systems and shipper portals.


Optimize Supply Networks Without Coding

Kapow quick implementation tools allow you to setup and deploy supply chain integration and automation in days, not months, all without any complex coding.

Leverage Enterprise Information

Monitor and adjust to competitive market conditions by integrating internal and external data quickly and easily to speed processing and increase profits.