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Kapow for Transportation and Logistics


Maximize growth and profit by integrating transportation and logistics processes across the supply chain ecosystem.

Kapow software for transportation and logistics enables 3PLs and transportation companies to eliminate costly manual functions by integrating and automating access to data from shippers, carriers, logistics partners, freight bill payment processors, and other trading partners. By integrating systems and automating processes, Kapow helps increase shipment visibility, improves exception handling, and provides the data needed for status reports (e.g., missed pickups, transit delays, declined shipment tenders, and unloading delays). This tight integration accelerates innovation and growth by enabling the organization to increase the value of their service and redeploy staff toward higher-value, strategic programs ranging from carrier development to customer service.

Automate forecasting and logistics planning

By eliminating manual efforts through integration and automation, companies can leverage their information to create new opportunities, innovate supply chain processes, and achieve greater financial success. Information can be used in near real-time to adjust demand forecasting and logistics planning. With this information and ongoing monitoring of core business processes, companies can start building intelligence into their supply chain ecosystem by identifying trends and patterns in supply and demand, weather conditions, and how those trends impact delivery. This enables organizations to optimize transportation and logistics operations.

Capture New Loads

Kapow eliminates the need to manually copy data from load boards and emails into internal systems and copy it back into B2B portals to report shipment status.

Automate Rate Lookups

Maximize margins and eliminate errors by automatically performing rate look-ups from multimodal carriers and 3PLs with integrated processes from Kapow.

Track and Trace Shipments

Eliminate the need to manually check shipping status from multiple carriers’ B2B portals with Kapow Logistics.


Expedite Invoicing and Payment

Companies no longer need to chase down PODs and manually update the B2B portals of freight payment processors and shippers while expediting the receipt of funds.

Improve DSO (Days Sales Outstanding)

Reduce DSO and enforce payment terms by using the Kapow Platform to monitor dozens of freight bill payment portals to optimize collections.

Manage Complex Scheduling and Logistics

Kapow optimizes the scheduling and tracking of shipments by capturing incoming requests and integrating with scheduling systems, and shipper portals.