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Kapow for Financial Account Aggregation


Automate the aggregation of balances and transactions across multiple financial accounts in real-time.

Kapow software for financial account aggregation enables you to monitor bank accounts, currency trading, credit card usage, tax reporting—in fact, any financial account that needs to be tracked and managed. Whether you're trying to reduce financing costs or meet regulatory compliance requirements, corporate finance departments need real-time insight into their financials. The most cost-effective way to do this is by using Kapow to automatically aggregate information from company accounts and integrate it into your business processes. With Kapow organizations have access to the global data they need to make sound investment decisions with the accuracy, flexibility and security that their companies demand.

Facilitate Up-to-Date Reporting

With Kapow organizations can detect significant market events using built-in change detection robots and targeted keywords to identify relevant account issues and make timely decisions.


Increase Business Agility

Kapow allows multinational corporations to manage assets and cash across time zones, exchange rates and business relationships.


Improve Accuracy

Kapow automatically de-duplicates collected data and eliminates the need for expensive and error-prone manual processes to keep accounts current.


Automate Account Aggregation

With automated web monitoring and extraction you can receive the reports and data you need without relying on error-prone manual processes or cumbersome scripting tools.


Utilize Market Triggers

Use Kapow’s data delivery options to alert you to specific changes in market conditions from corporate websites, news outlets and government agencies.


Eliminate the Need for Costly IT Personnel

Develop robotic automation processes to automatically monitor and aggregate online financial account information without the need for costly and time-consuming coding.