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Kapow for Process Automation


Extract and verify data from diverse sources with Kapow enterprise integration and automation.

Kapow software for process automation extracts, and integrates data in real time from multiple sources using robots that apply both in-process and post-processing rules. This eliminates the need for labor intensive, manual processes that require logging into multiple internal and external applications and websites to cut and paste data. With Kapow automation, extracting public-source web data delivers productivity improvements of 30 to one over manual processing. Kapow’s robotic automation helps streamline all kinds of business activities without the expensive and complex development typically required to integrate the flow of information between internal applications and external sources like websites and web portals.  

Kapow Saves Time and Money
Whether it’s extracting data from public websites, processing an invoice, provisioning a new account, generating compliance reports or supporting a customer service request, Kapow can automate any business activity that would otherwise require a user to perform manually.

Eliminate Human Errors Through Automated Data Validation

Kapow validates your data using automated processes such as data dictionaries or validation logic, to ensure clean and useful information is available for processing.

Improve Speed and Accuracy

Kapow can extract and integrate data from any source, especially websites and web portals, connecting critical information to all types of processes.

Standardize Data Automatically

Kapow automatically proofs your documents and corrects names, technical jargon, and abbreviations to standardize data prior to processing.


Cleanse Data Prior to Processing

Kapow will automatically delete or merge redundant information from multiple sources to streamline processing.

Prepare Data for Analysis and Reporting

Kapow can access data from multiple sources and automatically deliver it to analytic and reporting applications in the proper format for data analysis and output.