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Content Migration Solution:
Microsoft SharePoint Migration


Automated, cost effective SharePoint Content Migration solution

You have chosen SharePoint to manage your digital assets. However, the hard work of migrating your legacy content is still ahead of you. In order to migrate the thousands of files in your system, you are faced with either a cumbersome manual process or having to write custom scripts.

Kapow Software provides the only automated solution that helps you migrate legacy content from any source – including any CMS, web application or document repository - into SharePoint. You also accelerate your migration process as you don't need to code migration scripts with Kapow Katalyst. With Katalyst, you build automated migration workflows via a visual editor. You view the content as it appears in your browser and select exactly what you want to migrate and precisely how it should be transformed.

Migrate all of your digital content to SharePoint with Kapow Katalyst automation

And when you create your extraction and transformation instructions, you verify the accuracy of the actual output, in real time. Katalyst automatically tests these rules against your actual content and alerts you when you need to make an adjustment to the instructions.

Whether your content is structured or unstructured, static or dynamic, housed in flat files or another CMS, Katalyst can extract, transform and enrich your content, map source content to target templates, and load it all directly into SharePoint.

Katalyst helps you accomplish your SharePoint migration in weeks instead of months:

  • Flexible Migration: Automate migration from any source, including CMS, web applications, document repositories, etc.
  • Highly Accurate: Custom scripts and manual copying create errors that are not detected until days or weeks later. Because Katalyst automatically checks for errors as the workflows are created, you address these problems early in the migration process.
  • Shrink Migration Windows: Map content into your new taxonomy, including complex transformations on content and metadata with NO CODING. Avoid manual processes or time sunk building custom scripts.
  • Enrich Your Data: Automatically augment metadata to greatly improve search and content accessibility.

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